Sunday, May 10, 2009

Right now probably the best program running right now is Ad-Ventures4U. There is tons of support and the Admin. Steve sends loads of updates. You can sign up and upgrade and you still make the same percentage of ROI as the members that have been in the program from day one.

US Dozens is showing steady growth and if things keep going the way they are this program is starting to look like a diamond in the rough. Roger the Admin. is on the MMG forum and is very helpful and willing to answer questions.

Well Extreme Surfs received this Email from Spencer from Good Morning Profits.

Greetings Austin,

I'm just using a PC in an internet cafe. I have no internet connection yet. My provider said there are lots of damaged cable posts so it will take sometime for them to fix it.. I can't risk paying using a public computer. I'm afraid there are keyloggers installed in here. I'll do something so I can pay the pending requests. I'll travel tomorrow to go to my brother's house, 300kms away from me.

I'll send a news email to all once I get there.

Spencer Alegre
"Smell the freshness of earnings..."
So I would suggest to be cautious here until payments resume.

Received payments last night/today from
Get Daily Paid So that now makes 7 days in a row!