Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No soap box today just going to talk about the programs I am in that are kind of running below the radar or in other words not in the line of site of the big hitters.

Forum Traffic Has been paying for over 700 days now. It is a lower ROI site with the highest paying plan at 3.3% for 30 days. I have been in for a while now and started with $30. I compounded for over a month and have started to pull money out now. I am in profit and still have over $100 in active upgrades working for me.

My Surf For Cash is another program that also has not caught the attention of the big boys. Probably because it only offers one plan and that is 1% for 365 days. I have not been in that long but I have with drawn about 40% of my original spend. All payments have been done promptly and support is excellent.

Obeseverkeer is another site that is growing slowly. It has a very interesting pay plan that I covered in a earlier post. If you are interested in reading it go here. I have really enjoyed this site as I am in profit and the bonus has not even started yet. Payments have always been done promptly and support has been excellent.

Surfing Avenue has been a real surprise for a lot of people. It has two plans a 3% daily for 40 days and a 9% daily for 13 days plan. Having run for 30 days now and never has missed a payment. I guess that just goes to show you what a honest Admin. will do for you. All I can say is that Gilbert has done a great job and as far as I can tell he will continue.

Noticed that my cash balance at Easy Share Profit AP is now at zero so daily roi should start showing tomorrow, Remember there is now a 50/50 rule for cash outs.

Use caution with Get Paid Daily. There are a lot of people me included that did not get paid yesterday. I was paid today instantly while surfing but have heard nothing about yesterday. Missing payment from yesterday was just received.

I was paid last night/today from.
My Surf For Cash in less than 1 hour from request.
Obeseverkeer twice for rebates and some referral commissions. Thanks for you that have joined me in this.
Sliver Lodge Paid me again. Even though all you read is not so good they just keep on paying just like they always have. I really hope it just keeps on rocking on as I really do like this program.