Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have been seeing more and more programs stating that their programs are games instead of claiming that they have a outside income steam to keep them running. I applaud them for finally being honest. See this is a game we are playing. Most of them do not have a outside income stream that will keep them paying out if people quit putting in money. So the game is that you do your research watch for the signs of struggle pay attention to the amounts deposited to watch out for the hit and runners. If you do this you can win most of the time and make a profit at this game. Spend time on the forums and you will start to see who seems to always be in the good programs so watch them.
I would love to tell you just to follow my blog but that would not be the right thing. Follow as many blogs as you can. You will start to see who is winning and who is not and then learn what you can from them. Well that is enough I will step off my soap box now and give you some updates.

Easy Share Profit AP You need to start surfing again. All account balances should be rolled into upgrades and ROI will be started again.

Obeseverkeer Has a 5% bonus plan going. Now normally I would call this a red flag but all the Admin. is trying is to raise ROI as it has been right around 6%. I do not see any problems with this as it is a small bonus plan.

Surf Reborn is still showing steady growth with the $200 max upgrade per day plan this is what was expected. I believe this is the best program going right now so if you were hesitant on upgrading I do not see any signs of problems here.

Sliver Lodge has me real confused right now. First they supposedly met with a group of investors but then there was no posts from any of them. They were supposed to meet with Money news and they have not so far. But they are continuing to pay and that is the best sign for any program.

Use caution with Get Paid Daily I received payment today but there is a lot of people me included that have not received their payments from yesterday.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn My first rebate payment from the daily plan.
Surfing Avenue Paid me again after Alert Pay got their problems fixed.
Obeseverkeer Paid again in less than 1 hour from request.
Ad-Ventures4U Paid me again. Followed the 50/50 rule.