Friday, May 29, 2009

Obeseverkeer has now went private. I do not know for sure for how long or if it will ever reopen for new members again. I was talking to Fatsumo and his Alert Pay account is locked right now because of people complaining. It always amazes me why people do that. All that happens is the account gets locked and then all payments are stopped.

Surf Reborn is still the hottest program going right now. Deposits are still averaging around $3000 a day. This program is still a safe bet as Steve has it set up to last with the $200 max upgrade per day. If you are not in you might want to do at least 1 round.

The Traffic Factory is back and running after being down for major changes. I personally do not see anything other than now you can not cash out until expiry and you have to have a active upgrade to do so. I would hold back on putting any money in here for right now.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn rebates and some referral commissions
Forum Traffic took a little longer than normal but was still well with in the TOS.
Easy Share Profit SP still keeps paying. Takes a little while but you do get paid.