Monday, May 11, 2009

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my investments and the conversation ended up at what programs do we trust the most so I thought I would share a little of it. He has been in this for a long time and he put it in a way that made a lot of sense. Dollar amounts willing to invest. so here are a couple of them.

We both like Ad-Ventures4U and as he put it Steve is not hiding anything and is very honest and he is basically putting his heart and soul into this program to make it a success. So it was put as a $1,000 dollar program. So what does that mean. This program is running strong and still growing steady and also has a big enough reserve to last. For a long time.

Second on the list was Surfing Avenue. Now I realize I have it listed as a high risk program and the reason behind that is that it is still fairly new. But the Admin. is honest and will work to keep this program going. So the amount here was $100 because it is still weak enough that some big hitters could come in and not play nice and shut it down.

Another program I want to discuss is Silver Mazmua Valt. A quick recap of this program is that it is a lower ROI program that has a 20/80 rule for with drawls to help combat big hitters from breaking the program. As always they stated that they have real investments to cover the program and in fact Purplecity went and reviewed what they have going. If you want to see the pictures of what she was shown go to Extreme Surfs and contact them and they will mail you the pictures.

Well it looks like Good Morning Profits ran as he did not follow through with his earlier promises to at least send out a news letter today so for now stay away.

Also a lot of talk going on right now about Sliver Lodge. I can not find out if it is true or just talk but the are supposed to meet with Paul from Money News Online on the 15th and go over all investments. There is a small red flag showing here. It does not look good when a program goes private and then reopens in a short time. That is all I am going to say about this as I have had nothing but good experiences with them and will wait and see what happens on the 15th.

Well as luck goes I just had to say something about 10 Dollars Wonder and then not one of my positions cycled last week. So I would use caution here.

New program that just came out called Obseverkeer. It is a manual surf that pays from 6% to 9% per day for 15 days with cash out possible everyday. They also have a 20% matching bonus that pays from 2% to 25% per day starting on the 16th day. The bonus packs never expire as long as you have active investments going. There is a 7 day grace period if you do go inactive. Now that is what I would call a real head spinner of a plan but it is designed with the thought of longevity and if you play this right there is the possibilities of very good returns here. You can sign up now but are not able to upgrade until tomorrow. I have put them in the high risk for right now as it is a new program. But I do believe they will be moved to low risk shortly.

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