Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New up date from Silver Mazmua Valt. They have rethought their decision on going private right now. Seems she was doing it to prove a point from some bad posts on a certain forum that has been posting accusations about Emile. She wanted to prove that Silver Mazmua Valt could florish without new money coming in. I feel she made the right decision in keeping it open and following her original plan. So now Silver Mazmua Valt will stay open to the first 500 members and then it will close.

Surf Reborn is still showing great growth averaging over $3,000 per day. This is really amazing when you think about the fact that there is a $200 max investment per day so there is not the big worry of some one hitting this program with a massive amount and then running when it matures.Excitement is building as the payouts start tomorrow.

Get Paid Daily and AP Instant are both on their way out. Remember I told you they were both ran by the same guy. Same scripts and now both having mirror images as far as payment problems. So if you are not in them stay away they are about to close. For you that have money in them I hope you paid attention when I gave my first warning and then you should at least be even money if not in profit.

I received payments last night/today from
Surfing Avenue just keeps on paying.
Sliver Lodge keeps right on paying even with the uncertainties that have been brought up.
Get Paid Daily paid me instantly today while surfing.