Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Market Shares had another 20% return for the week. Looks like Margaret and her team have made this program into a consistent winner for all with the benefactor program and other new ideas.

Mind Power Surf has been showing real steady growth. If people continue to support it this one could last as the Admin. has shown he runs a honest program before.

Requested my first cash out from Ad Rebates Pro today and was paid real fast. Thanks Diane for that. This program has amazed me so far holding at the max ROI of 10% each day so far.

PAC Revenue Share has a small bug in the script not allowing people to log in but they are aware of it and it is being worked on at this time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 new programs in one day!

FX Euro

The plans:

Daily Plan; .7%-.8% daily for 180 days.

Weekly Plan; 6% - 7% weekly for 25 weeks

Monthly Plan; 25-27% Monthly for 6 months.

Principal is returned on Expiry for all plans.

Referral Commission; up to 6% for free and upgraded members!!

There is no surfing or anything required to earn but it is not a HYIP!! This is a real program backed by a genuine outside source of income.

Only pay processors they accept are Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money but I have good info that this is a honest Admin. and should be a real good low ROI program.
Uto1 closed today. I was wondering how much longer it would last as it was not showing any real big gains in the investment to payout ratio. Lingo is wanting to keep it going and is open to suggestions from members.

New program again for today. This is from Gilbert when he announced it on MMG forum


75% Revenue-sharing autosurf.
200% returns

Free members can earn 5% referral commissions.
Noblemen can earn 12% referral commissions.
Kings can earn 17% referral commissions.

Autosurf 15 sites on a 15 second timer.
$5-$10,000 'Totem' purchase
Alertpay, Strictpay, Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney accepted

We have put alot of effort and work into paying more attention to small details that make a big difference.
To name a few:
1. Minimum cashout is only $1

2. Increased daily revenue and 1 day off
Surf 1 day receive 15% of the weekly revenue.
Surf 2 days receive 25% of the weekly revenue.
Surf 3 days receive 45% of the weekly revenue.
Surf 4 days receive 60% of the weekly revenue.
Surf 5 days receive 85% of the weekly revenue.
Surf 6 days receive 100% of the weekly revenue.
Members can have 1 day a week off from surfing.
For example you can surf Monday thru Saturday and take Sunday off and still earn 100% of the weekly revenue. Members can choose to take any 1 day off from surfing a week and still earn 100% of the weekly revenue.

For those that do not remember this is Gilberts 3rd program the first he closed after a very successful run and refunded all members and his second one he ran as long as possible and has said he would take care of the members not in profit there also so I still believe he will run an honest program here as well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New program just started that was launched by a long time admin and member of MMG. His name is Mirceai and he was the old admin of Priority Pages.
From Mirceai on MMG forum

"WELCOME to MindPowerSurf!

Our goal is to offer our members reasonable online advertising prices for showing their websites all over the world and also very good income opportunities - 150% and 140% ROA on adpacks purchased.

Our Features: the newest Neversay Secured Script, hosted on a Dedicated Server and DDOS Protection will secure your adpacks purchased.

Free members can join and surf for a maximum of 50 credits each day. No referral commissions for Free members.

Upgraded members can earn 150% (5% x 30 days, cashout daily) and / or 140%(10% x 14 days, cashout at expire) from their upgrades (adpacks purchased).

* 4% referral commissions for Active members - upgrades min. 5$
* 6% referral commissions for VIP members - upgrades min. 250$

MPS Power Plan

* 140% - 10% daily x 14 Days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Cashout at Expire

MPS Mind Plan

* 150% - 5% daily for 30 days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Daily Cashout"
Now this should be a good surf as he did play a fair game last time. But to be careful be sure and follow the 50% rule.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Margaret at My Market Shares has done it again with her new benefactor membership. I will just post the email for you to read.

Become a Benefactor and get more than just the reward of gratification that you helped someone out. MyMarketShares as stated in a prior update created a new membership level.

Here are your benefits of a Benefactor membership:

3:1 surf ratio
10,000 credits
add up to 10 sites
upgrade 10 pips to the non upgraded down line of your choice.
residual income on down line upgrades and rollovers.

What do you need to do? simple, once your wallet is funded just go to buy Banners / credits. there you will see the membership in the drop down box, choose the membership and how you want to pay, Then open a ticket with the name of the down line to upgrade. Your credits are added immediately after you paid. your membership will be upgraded with in 12 hours.

Benefactor membership is only 15.00 per month but 10 dollars of that goes to the down line member of your choice and the benefits are great.

You can also find pay their way in in the same location. Pay Their Way is only 10.0 and gives you 1,000 credits as well. This will give you not only give your down line a chance to start earning but will give you 1,000 credits AND you earn referral commissions on the pips you buy for them.

So what are you waiting for? Become a benefactor today and start enjoying the benefits now.

Margaret and Team

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a quick update. PAC Revenue Share will be down until Monday. They are having problems with the hosting server and they also need to do some upgrading on the site. Remember to not log in until you get the ok from Kazzy or El.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Payments have started again at Surf-O-Matic. Randy sent out a update yesterday and things are looking good with a reserve fund to work with now this could last for a while.

A word of caution here about 15 Ads Daily. Last week was a low ROI week and then today we were informed that there would not be any cash outs done next week. Hopefully they can get things worked out here and get the program back to the level it once had.

I had joined Flip Return at the very start of the program but had never supported it so I figured after watching it for all this time to go ahead and put in a small spend and see what happens. They have been a consistant earner by mostly piggybacking the funds on other HYIPS and surf sites.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ad Rebates Pro as expected has been having 10% ROI for the last 2 days. Now is the time to join if you want in on the high ROI as it will start going down as is the trend with these programs.

For those that are in PAC Revenue Share do not try to log in until we are notified that the server change is complete.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let me tell you about a new program from Diane that has the very successful Ads Daily Pro site.

Ad Rebates Pro is an advertising revenue share traffic exchange program. 80% of funds are paid directly to advertisers while 10% are for affiliate commissions, 5% for reserve fund and 5% admin payment. Each ad pack is 10$ and expires when it hits 140%. And All the popu;ar pay processors are accepted.

My Market Shares posted another 20% ROI for the week. News from Margaret is that it was the biggest week so far so that should show you the strength of this program.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Been on the road all day traveling hope to be able to update you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Market Shares posted another 20% return for last week. With the steady growth and the excellent support shown so far I believe this one is going to be big before too long. If you want to request a payment just transfer what you want to your wallet and reinvest the rest or just leave it as the program will reinvest it for you. If you transfer more than 50% of your earnings you will lose pips as part of the 50/50 rule.

Surf-O-Matic has restarted with new more sustainable plans. You now have a 2% for 75 day surf plan and a 10% for 15 week no surf plan with cash outs daily on both plans. Randy has worked hard to keep this site running and has proved he will not just run on you.

Ads Daily Pro this is one program you really need to look at if you are not in. Just look at the stats not even 30% paid out yet but has been running for over 50 days. You just do not see that much any more.

PAC Revenue Share today you need to request your payments. If you have money invested in Strict Pay or Perfect Money you will need to submit a support ticket with your choice of pay processor and remember to put your account ID on the ticket also.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New surf site just opened today called UTO1. It pays 10% for 14 days but it does have some interesting guidelines to follow. You can only upgrade a max of $20 a day with a maximum of $100 total. This is a sister site to 1 Adz which is a private program that has even lower maximums. I have been in 1 Adz basically from the start and the payments have always been done quickly and on time so I am more than happy to play with this one.

Tomorrow earnings will be posted for My Market Shares. They have been growing real quick now with over 1,000 members in a real short time. You might want to give this program a second look if you have not joined it by now as you can still upgrade today and get paid tomorrow for your upgrade.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on manual surfs today.

15 Ads Daily has had some problems this week with payments due mainly to raising their level of security on processing them. Other than that it has been performing good and I have no complaints.

Ad Traffic Explosion has been running great and is one of the oldest surf programs still active. They are gaining more popularity and have been showing steady growth.

Cloud Share is still in pre-launch mode. I have sometimes wondered if they will ever launch. I have received very few if any updates and most that I get are from the forums and most of that is mainly excuses.

PAC Revenue Share has went through a bunch of changes in the last week. They will be refunding the quarterly membership fees and dropping them. And now instead of a minimum of 3% ROI that has been dropped to 2%. Pay outs have changed from a daily to once a week. They have also added a 12 x 12 program for a kicker for the people that do not like revenue share programs. So you can read what you want into the changes but I am very happy with the performance to date.

Pay It Forward Traffic is still running smoothly and performing well. Tony keeps the members updated and I am also happy with this programs performance.

Wind Fall Hits in my favorite of the manual surf programs. They report the earnings every week for the members to see and also one of the best parts is that your investments never expire they just keep on earning. ROI has fluctuated a little in the last few weeks but nothing to raise any fuss over.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am back from taking a few days off so lets do a short recap of the auto surf programs I am in.

Ads Daily Pro What can I say about this program. Over 50 days paying and still going strong. Diane has more than proved that she is a good Admin. and with the same support this program has the looks of a long earner.

Forum Traffic is still plugging a long no great earnings here and they have been some script problems that are being worked out. You will never see any big returns here but Klaus has been around for a long time so I believe he will get things straightened out.

Goddess Ads is still showing signs of struggle. Troy has not been able to refund SP and STP pendings yet and LR payments are not processes as quickly as they once were.

My Market Shares is still showing good promise. Had the first pay run and it was the max at 20% ROI. Membership numbers are growing steadily and Margret has shown some initiative with a real great idea with the surfing bonuses.

On a down side Paid Like That has stopped payments and we will have to wait and see what Paul decides to do tomorrow on the future of this program.

Tomorrow I will look at the manual surf programs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sorry but I will be gone for a few days but will be back and updating again soon.
In my absence be sure to read and follow the blogs I have listed in the right column if you have any questions.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Paid Like That has been paying just like that instantly everyday. If you are following the 50/50 strategy you should be in profit and growing by now. Investments have slowed down some here but as more people get into profit I do believe that it will pick back up.

Did you know that you can request your referral commissions once per week per pay processor from My Market Shares. Or you can roll them over into pips right then. No waiting for a certain pay day so that can also help to get you into profits faster.

Remember that today is the day to request your pay out from PAC for All if you want to be paid tomorrow. They are closing in on $500,000 in investments real fasts.

I was paid from.
Paid Like That
Goddess Ads
1 Adz
My Surf For Cash

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well it has been a great first day for My Market Shares. Over 300 members and growing steadily. This one does look like it will be around for a while and my favorite part is that it is a auto surf!

Another site that keeps amazing me is Ads Daily Pro the stats are just staying real good and should still be good for investments. If you have been following the 50/50 strategy here you will be well into profits by now.

I had a reader ask me about pay processors yesterday and what I thought of them. His first question was that he had heard that if a HYIP was accepting Pay Pal they would not be around very long.
Well yes that is true to a point because it is against the terms of use to use Pay Pal unless there is a product sold and with a HYIP there is very seldom anything sold to you except promises. You will see them from time to time on surf sites but they are very hard to work with in this business so people very seldom use them.

As far as other Pay Processors I use Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, and Liberty Reserve. I have signed up with some others but these are the ones I use and they are listed in the order of most used to least used.

Now as an investor in this business what advantages do you get from the different processors? Lets start at the top and work our way down.
Alert Pay is the most popular because they were the first to allow credit card transactions and they also have verified accounts and you can file transaction disputes with them.
Solid Trust Pay also allows credit card transactions and have verified accounts and you can file disputes with them also. They do have a bank card you can buy from them and then load it from your account balance and that is one reason why you have seen them become more popular lately.
Strict Pay does not allow credit card transactions at this time but does have verified accounts and yes you can file a dispute with them but it is very seldom anything come out of it. They also offer a credit card that you can load from your account.
Liberty Reserve does not allow credit card transactions no verified accounts also no credit card offered to load from your account. They do not allow any reversal of transactions so if money leaves your account in any way it is history.

So what do you see from this? As a investor this is what you should look at. Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay are the hardest accounts to get and they also have the highest level of shall I say security for an investor as they will listen if you have a problem and they will freeze the vendors account until the problems are corrected. So this make them less friendly to the scammers.
Where as Strict Pay has lower standards and Liberty Reserve basically has none which makes them very friendly to the scammers.

So If you were ever wondering why you see a lot of HYIPs offering 200% or higher returns in one day that only accept Liberty Reserve maybe now you know the answer!

I was paid today from.
Paid Like That
Ads Daily Pro
Genius Funds
PAC Revenue Share

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Program just started!
My Market Shares is a revenue sharing site that pays 200% return on your purchases. They will pay up to 20% per week and there is also a 15% referral commission. They accept all the major pay processors and they do have verified accounts.

I was paid today from.
PAC Revenue Share
Paid Like That

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PAC for All now has over $400,000 in deposits so far. That is unbelievable and if you follow the 50/50 rule you should come out real good on this one.

Wind Fall Hits the ROI dropped a little but was still over 17% for last week and I am very happy with their performance so far and will be reinvest some here as I am now in profit. It is real nice not to have your investments stay active all the time and never mature.

One program I have not mentioned in a while is Gold Nugget Invest I have not been requesting pay outs as I am in profit there and I have been building my investments. They survived the last attack and are in the process of preparing a new and better script.

I was paid from.
Wind Fall Hits
Paid Like That
PAC for All