Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well it has been a great first day for My Market Shares. Over 300 members and growing steadily. This one does look like it will be around for a while and my favorite part is that it is a auto surf!

Another site that keeps amazing me is Ads Daily Pro the stats are just staying real good and should still be good for investments. If you have been following the 50/50 strategy here you will be well into profits by now.

I had a reader ask me about pay processors yesterday and what I thought of them. His first question was that he had heard that if a HYIP was accepting Pay Pal they would not be around very long.
Well yes that is true to a point because it is against the terms of use to use Pay Pal unless there is a product sold and with a HYIP there is very seldom anything sold to you except promises. You will see them from time to time on surf sites but they are very hard to work with in this business so people very seldom use them.

As far as other Pay Processors I use Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, and Liberty Reserve. I have signed up with some others but these are the ones I use and they are listed in the order of most used to least used.

Now as an investor in this business what advantages do you get from the different processors? Lets start at the top and work our way down.
Alert Pay is the most popular because they were the first to allow credit card transactions and they also have verified accounts and you can file transaction disputes with them.
Solid Trust Pay also allows credit card transactions and have verified accounts and you can file disputes with them also. They do have a bank card you can buy from them and then load it from your account balance and that is one reason why you have seen them become more popular lately.
Strict Pay does not allow credit card transactions at this time but does have verified accounts and yes you can file a dispute with them but it is very seldom anything come out of it. They also offer a credit card that you can load from your account.
Liberty Reserve does not allow credit card transactions no verified accounts also no credit card offered to load from your account. They do not allow any reversal of transactions so if money leaves your account in any way it is history.

So what do you see from this? As a investor this is what you should look at. Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay are the hardest accounts to get and they also have the highest level of shall I say security for an investor as they will listen if you have a problem and they will freeze the vendors account until the problems are corrected. So this make them less friendly to the scammers.
Where as Strict Pay has lower standards and Liberty Reserve basically has none which makes them very friendly to the scammers.

So If you were ever wondering why you see a lot of HYIPs offering 200% or higher returns in one day that only accept Liberty Reserve maybe now you know the answer!

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