Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am back from taking a few days off so lets do a short recap of the auto surf programs I am in.

Ads Daily Pro What can I say about this program. Over 50 days paying and still going strong. Diane has more than proved that she is a good Admin. and with the same support this program has the looks of a long earner.

Forum Traffic is still plugging a long no great earnings here and they have been some script problems that are being worked out. You will never see any big returns here but Klaus has been around for a long time so I believe he will get things straightened out.

Goddess Ads is still showing signs of struggle. Troy has not been able to refund SP and STP pendings yet and LR payments are not processes as quickly as they once were.

My Market Shares is still showing good promise. Had the first pay run and it was the max at 20% ROI. Membership numbers are growing steadily and Margret has shown some initiative with a real great idea with the surfing bonuses.

On a down side Paid Like That has stopped payments and we will have to wait and see what Paul decides to do tomorrow on the future of this program.

Tomorrow I will look at the manual surf programs.