Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on manual surfs today.

15 Ads Daily has had some problems this week with payments due mainly to raising their level of security on processing them. Other than that it has been performing good and I have no complaints.

Ad Traffic Explosion has been running great and is one of the oldest surf programs still active. They are gaining more popularity and have been showing steady growth.

Cloud Share is still in pre-launch mode. I have sometimes wondered if they will ever launch. I have received very few if any updates and most that I get are from the forums and most of that is mainly excuses.

PAC Revenue Share has went through a bunch of changes in the last week. They will be refunding the quarterly membership fees and dropping them. And now instead of a minimum of 3% ROI that has been dropped to 2%. Pay outs have changed from a daily to once a week. They have also added a 12 x 12 program for a kicker for the people that do not like revenue share programs. So you can read what you want into the changes but I am very happy with the performance to date.

Pay It Forward Traffic is still running smoothly and performing well. Tony keeps the members updated and I am also happy with this programs performance.

Wind Fall Hits in my favorite of the manual surf programs. They report the earnings every week for the members to see and also one of the best parts is that your investments never expire they just keep on earning. ROI has fluctuated a little in the last few weeks but nothing to raise any fuss over.