Sunday, September 27, 2009

Margaret at My Market Shares has done it again with her new benefactor membership. I will just post the email for you to read.

Become a Benefactor and get more than just the reward of gratification that you helped someone out. MyMarketShares as stated in a prior update created a new membership level.

Here are your benefits of a Benefactor membership:

3:1 surf ratio
10,000 credits
add up to 10 sites
upgrade 10 pips to the non upgraded down line of your choice.
residual income on down line upgrades and rollovers.

What do you need to do? simple, once your wallet is funded just go to buy Banners / credits. there you will see the membership in the drop down box, choose the membership and how you want to pay, Then open a ticket with the name of the down line to upgrade. Your credits are added immediately after you paid. your membership will be upgraded with in 12 hours.

Benefactor membership is only 15.00 per month but 10 dollars of that goes to the down line member of your choice and the benefits are great.

You can also find pay their way in in the same location. Pay Their Way is only 10.0 and gives you 1,000 credits as well. This will give you not only give your down line a chance to start earning but will give you 1,000 credits AND you earn referral commissions on the pips you buy for them.

So what are you waiting for? Become a benefactor today and start enjoying the benefits now.

Margaret and Team