Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well looks like today was another one of those pay days!
Received payments form
Ads Non Stop paid quickly as usual.
Forum Traffic Just like clock work. Remember today is the last day to get in on the anniversary special.
My Surf For Cash received my first payment from them.
Treckswana also received my first payment here.

Been monitoring a new program that has been running now for I believe 17 days. Imperial Finances has had very good reviews and they also have 4 different plans for you to invest in ranging from a daily payout plan to a 60 day plan. Will Somo is the Admin. and he sends out updates quite regularly and he has even implemented a new plan due to member input.

Had a friend join Imperial Finances so I requested my referral commission and recieved payment in less than 1 hour.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ads Non Stop has added a 5% matching bonus to all new deposits. They are also looking at making cashouts bi-weekly also. Active membership is growing at around 5 per day so will see what this bonus brings.

I just keep enjoying all the communication that goes on with Ad-Ventures4U. Steve has to be one of the in not the most active Admin. in this business. You are updated all the time and if there is any problems they handle them very quickly. It is easy to see why this is the most popular program right now and with Steve's continuous updates should stay that way for a long time.

Tomorrow is the last day to get in on the anniversary special at Forum Traffic. This surf has been going for over 2 years now and still paying quickly every time. When most sorfs struggle to stay a float for 1 month this one just keeps on shining.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is payday at Ad-Ventures4U. Remember that you need to do the 50/50 rule to keep your ventures if you decide to cash out.

Found a new program called Maxsharegame that will be starting here shortly I am not going to play in it but thought it was interesting because the Admin. put right on the site that it is a game and he will only pay out until he has paid out 95% of incoming money.

Ads Non Stop is still growing steadily and now has 75 active accounts. He has said that once they have 200 active members the program will be self sustaining and he will then make it private.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Received another fast payment from Forum Traffic last night. Their anniversary special is over at the end of the month so if you want in you have until then.

ESP-Alertpay sent out a update last night. We should here something from them by the end of the week on the new site.

Ad-Ventures4U you have until midnight EST today to upgrade and still get paid for last weeks profit share as long as you have surfed last week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Surf For Cash is up and running. Was a problem with the server over seas and it effected a few other programs also.

Received another pay out from Sliver Invest last night. They are now private and will star deleting inactive accounts.

Ads Non Stop is starting to show some steady growth Gaining 10 active members in the last 2 days.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Received another payment from Sliver Lodge last night. Now final reminder today is the last day to join and upgrade here. New account sign ups are done at the end of today and all inactive accounts will be deleted then.

My Surf For Cash has been having some problems and is not always accessible but they are aware of the problem and are working on it.

The Traffic Factory will turn on the cash out button today for 24 hours. You will need to have at least $15 in your account to be able to cash out.

My Surf For Cash is atill down and if you are not able to surf the news at thr forums is that they will take care of us.

Silver Lodge is officially closed for new sign ups.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I guess yesterday was payday as I received a few.

Sliver Lodge paid me twice through 2 different processors. They have always paid quickly and also remember that you have until the 25th to sign up and invest.

Ads Non Stop Paid me last night again. I did the no surf program here and kind of enjoy it. Sign ups are starting to pick up here and they now have 60 active members. Once they have 200 they will be going private. Also they do have a 5% matching bonus for all deposits right now.

Forum Traffic Also paid me very quickly again. Found out that the anniversary special will last until the end of the month so if your interested in 3.9% for 30 days you have until then to join.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Received payment from Sliver Lodge yesterday in 4 hours from request. Once again if you want to join you have until the 25th to join and upgrade.

Cash out button is enabled for Ads Non Stop so don't forget to cash out if you can. This program is also going private when they reach 200 active members. The active member count is currently at 54 so there will be a little time before they do go private.

Today is also time to request cash out at Ad-Ventures4U. Update from Steve there will now be a cash out button so you will no longer have to request by support ticket.

Now to give you a little idea of the power of compounding. I started out at Forum Traffic with a $10 spend and have compounded all earnings right back into the anniversary special and now have $51 in and earning $1.87 a day. I plan to keep on compounding until the anniversary plan is discontinued and then at that time I will look into diversifying my investments more. I will definitely stay with them but I will move some funds to another program.
Forum Traffic is down right now doing some script work and will be back online shortly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry I was not able to give a update yesterday.

Was paid again by Forum Traffic. Really enjoying this program and their anniversary special. Hope he keeps it for a while!

Received another update from Ads Non Stop and they will go private when they reach 200 active members. They follow their Terms of service and delete all inactive accounts after 7 days. So if you want in you will need to upgrade.

Another reminder on Sliver Lodge. They will be going private on the 25th and will be deleting all inactive accounts at that time. So if you do have a account with them and want to keep it you will need to upgrade by then.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So did everyone have a good weekend?

Let's start out with Sliver Lodge today. You have until the 25th to upgrade as they will close to new members at that time and then delete all inactive accounts. People are still asking for more time but they have drawn the line in the sand and yhe 25th is the last day to join and upgrade.

At Ad-Ventures4U you have until midnight today to upgrade if you have been surfing to get in on this weeks payrun. You will receive 14% on your investment even if you upgrade today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not a whole lot going on today. I guess that means I will have to do yard work then! Have a great Sunday and we will see what is happening tomorrow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Received another payment from Forum Traffic last night. This program is going about it's way still running below the radar.

Got an update mail from Ads Non Stop. They have a plan that when they get to a certain number of active accounts or a set number of money invested that they will go private at that time as the program will then be self sustaining. I have been more than happy with the performance so far and as stated yesterday payment was real quick.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Received a mail from ESP-AP last night and if you got it please read it. Once again I will say do not complain to Alert Pay about a program that is trying to refund your money. All it does is lock up their account and then you will get nothing. Even if it is not a full refund some is better than nothing.

Received payment from Ads Non Stop today in less than 2 hours from request. Very nice I like it when they pay fast.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joined a couple of programs yesterday. First lets start with The Traffic Factory it is a manual surf site that pays 3% for 150 days. You can request pay out at $15 so I do realize that is a draw back for a lot of people. I feel that it is put in place to help the program sustain its self longer.

Second program I joined was Treckswana it is a HYIP that has 3 different plans. A daily plan that pays 1.8% daily a weekly plan that pays 15% per week and a bi-weekly plan that pays 30%. On the first 2 plans you can request pay outs daily and on the last plan you can only request bi-weekly.

Received pay out again from Sliver Lodge. They have always paid very quickly. Reminder that they will be going private on the 25th and any accounts that are not upgraded at that time will be canceled.

Update on ESP AlertPay. Looks like it is done. Been reading in the forums and everyone feels very positive about the fact that Steve will follow through and refund all money owed as he had another site before that ended and he did refund all money with that site.

News from Tame-The-Net.
The following changes will be or have been made, and are effective immediately.
Rebates will be paid daily at a minimum of 1% per day
Cash outs can be requested daily.
Cash outs will be paid on a monthly bases (in order of request and processor) starting the 1st of each month, as funds can be transferred to the appropriate processors for payments.
Minimum to cash out will be $10 for both processors.
Each adpack will still expire at 125%.
So what does this mean. Simply that Robert is working to keep this program viable and long lasting is all. So I have to wait a while for my payment as long as he pays and the program lasts I have no problem waiting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Received a update from Sliver Lodge last night. With all the issues that there has been with the pay processors they have decided to keep the program open for new accounts until the 25th of this month.

Also got a update from ESP alert pay this morning and things are not looking to great there. In fact this program will probably be closed due to all the money that alert pay has took back due to scammers. Steve is talking about starting a new program so the honest people can earn their money back. I vote for a new program and will follow Steve there as he has been more than honest with us.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Received some pay outs last night.

Tame-The-Net paid me again. Took around 24 hours to receive and that seems to be their normal time period.

Forum Traffic paid me also again. Now they are real fast I requested payment last night and received it in less than 4 hours.

ESP sites are down right now have not looked in the forums yet to see what is going on will update you later.

Not a lot on the forums about ESP sites but I was just able to surf so not for sure what is happening there. Did read that on the AlertPay site that a Admin. from a site that scammed invested the money they took into ESP and that was why AlertPay put a hold on that money.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lets do a quick review of the programs I am in at this time.

Ad-Ventures4U is a profit share manual surf that has been showing a steady 14% ROI per week since start up. The Admin. keeps you well informed of all happenings with lots of emails daily. Growth has been steady with investments breaking records for this site weekly.

Ads Non Stop is a mid ROI surf site that also has a no surf plan. Member ship numbers look low when you check then as they do stand by their TOS and delete inactive accounts after 7 days. So the member count you see have active upgrades.

All the ESP sites are kind of struggling most due to lack of upgrades as they are also a profit sharing program. Easy Share Profit AP had a problem with a big investor doing something against AlertPay rules and they froze his account putting a hurt on that program.

Forum Traffic is a low ROI surf that has been running for over 2 years now. It is out of Germany and has been under the radar so to speak. They have a very successful program and have always paid on time.

Genius Funds is a low ROI HYIP that has been running for around 6 months now and going strong. They have all kinds of support even with phone numbers for you to call. I have not been with them for long but all reviews are very positive.

Gold Nugget Invest is a arbitrage betting site that has been running for over 2 years now and growing steadily. Rumor has it that they might be going private and when they do even the members will not be able to add money to their accounts. They can only handle a set amount of money and when they reach that they will close the doors. The one thing that I do like about this site is that your investment never expires. You can take it out after 30 days or you can leave it in and it keeps on earning.

My Surf For Cash is another low ROI surf that is part of the T.I.M.E. group. This group prides themselves on honesty and long term safe investments. They have good support and even have their own forum. All investments here run for 365 days so you will get a 265% return on your investment.

Tame-The-Net is a newer manual surf profit share that has good support and good communication with the members also. ROI here has leveled out at 1% and I expect it to stay right there.

4 X Cash Back is a low ROI HYIP that is currently private and I will let you know if and when it opens again for members.

Sliver Lodge is another lower HYIP that has excellent support. They have paid on time every time since they have started. All plans are longer term investments. Just a reminder that they will be going private on the 15th and all inactive accounts will be deleted.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm not going to cover any business updates today. Have a great Easter and enjoy your family. Be back tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Payment Surf just started today they pay 8% for 16 days and you get a free $5 for signing up. If you are looking for a higher ROI site now is the time to get in.

Do not have a whole lot more to report about at this time will update if some thing does come up.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Received my payment from Tame-The-Net last night. They had another 1% ROI again for yesterday.

Just another reminder about Sliver Lodge. They will be going private on the 15th and all accounts not upgraded will be deleted at that time so if your signed up and want to keep your account you need to upgrade.

Have been asked about Ads Non Stop and the low member count. Is it growing well yes it is . Their TOS states that inactive accounts will be deleted after 7 days and they are standing by that one. So the member number you see is active members.

For example Ad-Ventures4U sent out a update today. They have 11,307 members but only 2,764 are paid members. I don't fully understand why that many people are signed up and not upgraded as this program seems to be rocking.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today is the last day to request pay outs from Ads Non Stop. They will shut off the pay out button until next week.

Tame-The-Net Is staying steady at 1% ROI as expected. I requested a pay out and will keep you updated on it.

Everything else is going smoothly with no signs of problems at this time.

Still looking for a couple of more honest programs so I can diversify my investment more. Spread the wealth so to speak!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok time for an update on Green Smoke. Still adjusting to not just sitting and puffing away until the battery runs out and needs to be recharged. They recommend taking around 12 to 14 puffs as this is the same as an average cigarette so I will need to put it some where so it is not so accessible and try that. It does a excellent job of replacing the cigarettes and tastes real good.

Joined another program yesterday Genius Funds I have not had enough time to fully understand all the different plans offered but you can compound. They have been running since August of last year and have always paid on time and have phone numbers you can call and 24 hour support. It is a real interesting site and there is a lot of reading to be done there to fully understand it all.

Sliver Lodge sent out a update last night reminding everyone That they are going private on April 15th and that any accounts that are not upgraded at that time will be deleted.

Ads Non Stop The payout button is turned on at 12:01am server time so that will be 12:01pm PST And 3:01pm EST.
Received pay outs from Forum Traffic and Sliver Lodge Last night. Both paid real quickly and I am now in profit with Sliver Lodge.

Today is the pay run at Ad-Ventures4U. Remember the 50/50 rule if you are requesting a cash out.

Tame-The-Net had another 1% ROI and that is probably where it will stay from now on.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just added a new program Ads Non Stop. This is another lower ROI program that pays 4% daily for 30 days if you want to surf and 28 days for non surf. You can request cash outs 2 days a week on Thursdays and Fridays. There is no fees unless you invest over $100 and then it is 3%. This is put in place to keep the big hit and runners under control as they can ruin a program in a very short time.

Tame-The-Net Had a 1% ROI yesterday and I expect it to stay right around there for now. But I did expect that from the start so no surprises there.

Ad-Ventures4U is still growing fast and just heard from Steve that today is all ready a record day for a Monday. Tomorrow will be the pay run remember there is still a 50/50 rule in place.

Requested another with drawl from Sliver Lodge. Remember that they will be going private on the 15th of this month so if you think you might want to invest sign up before then.

Was talking with my friend Gord today and was commenting on the fact of that the highest ROI program I'm in right now is 4%. What a change there has been in this industry. Used to be we did not even look at a program unless it payed at least 8%. But when you think about it even 1% a day is good money a lot better than you can earn with a bank.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Received payment from Easy Share Profit AP last night.

Tame-The-Net Had a return of 1.05% which is what I have been expecting and it should stay in that area.

Been a little learning experience with Green Smoke. I tend to just puff away on it and need to learn to pace my self. But on the good side I only had half as many cigarettes as normal. Also so you know it does not leave the smoke smell in your cloths or room/car you smoke in. If you are a heavy smoker you will defiantly want to buy more than 1 of the rechargeable batteries.

Still have some other cash with drawls I am waiting on and will keep you updated as they come in.

Easy Share Profit SP paid me today. Both ESP sites have took over 24 hours to pay this time.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not a whole lot going on today waiting on some pay outs??? Seems to be getting a little more common.

Day one with Green Smoke and things are going pretty good. Have not quit the cigarettes totally yet but I have cut back quite a bit so things look promising.

Tame-The-Net had a ROI just a little bit above 1% as people are starting to settle in and I have seen a lot of comments on the forums of people starting to roll there returns back in so that will help the program build and sustain.

Been reading on the forums and it does not look good at Ievolutionsurf no payments no contact from Admin. so do not invest their until further notice.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tame-The-Net Had a ROI of just a little over 2% for yesterday. I was expecting that as people settle in to the new program and it will probably fluctuate some for the next few days. I also received payment from them last night so next time I will upgrade.

Ad-Ventures4U sent out another update and once again seems to be having another record week. Steve has hinted at taking of the 50/50 rule so we will see.

Now I don't know how many of you have heard about Green Smoke but it is a electric cigarette that does not have all the nasty chemicals that come in a regular cigarette. I joined because I smoke and over a years time you can save a lot of money. One of the reasons behind the lower cost is you pay no taxes and with the new tax hikes on tobacco products it really saves a lot now. I received my starter kit yesterday and will give you updates on how it is working. Now it does pay referral commissions and there is a $25 sign up bonus if you are interested. I am not pushing this in no way shape or form but do believe it is better for you. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them for you. I forgot to add that it is free to join so no out of pocket expense to start and you are not required to buy any product.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok back to business.

Tame-The-Net Had 2 days of 7% returns on the last days of their promotions and yesterday was 2.15%. That was to be expected and I was surprised it was that high. Going to do my normal profit sharing routine and cash out $10 and then reinvest $10 back and forth. If you do this it will help to keep the program strong and you all know what happens when a lot of hit and runners start pulling their money out. I requested my first cash out today will keep you informed.

Ad-Ventures4U keeps having record setting days even though Steve set the 50/50 rule to keep the hit and runners at bay. Some people are saying this is the beginning of the end but I really do believe that he is doing it in the best interest of the program as ROI has not dropped.

ESP sites are still plugging along and as I said the reinvest rules have started to show better ROI. Now I do believe that it was put in effect here to help the programs as they were struggling. And it is a good sign that the admin. is honest and trying to keep the programs profitable.

Forum Traffic the new surf that I joined still has their 2 year anniversary special going of 3.9% daily for 30 days. This site has been under the radar for all this time and is based out of Germany. The normal plans pay less but they have always paid on time.

Added another low ROI surf today. My Surf For Cash pays 1% per day for 365 days. It is part of the T.I.M.E. group and they pride themselves on longevity and honesty. Also you can only cash out twice a month and you need to have at least $5 to do it. Now I realize this is not for everyone but I am also looking for some long term safe investments at this time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow what a day lost power at my home so have had no time to update or research. So for right now I don't have much. Will try to post a update later.