Thursday, April 23, 2009

Received payment from Sliver Lodge yesterday in 4 hours from request. Once again if you want to join you have until the 25th to join and upgrade.

Cash out button is enabled for Ads Non Stop so don't forget to cash out if you can. This program is also going private when they reach 200 active members. The active member count is currently at 54 so there will be a little time before they do go private.

Today is also time to request cash out at Ad-Ventures4U. Update from Steve there will now be a cash out button so you will no longer have to request by support ticket.

Now to give you a little idea of the power of compounding. I started out at Forum Traffic with a $10 spend and have compounded all earnings right back into the anniversary special and now have $51 in and earning $1.87 a day. I plan to keep on compounding until the anniversary plan is discontinued and then at that time I will look into diversifying my investments more. I will definitely stay with them but I will move some funds to another program.
Forum Traffic is down right now doing some script work and will be back online shortly.