Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joined a couple of programs yesterday. First lets start with The Traffic Factory it is a manual surf site that pays 3% for 150 days. You can request pay out at $15 so I do realize that is a draw back for a lot of people. I feel that it is put in place to help the program sustain its self longer.

Second program I joined was Treckswana it is a HYIP that has 3 different plans. A daily plan that pays 1.8% daily a weekly plan that pays 15% per week and a bi-weekly plan that pays 30%. On the first 2 plans you can request pay outs daily and on the last plan you can only request bi-weekly.

Received pay out again from Sliver Lodge. They have always paid very quickly. Reminder that they will be going private on the 25th and any accounts that are not upgraded at that time will be canceled.

Update on ESP AlertPay. Looks like it is done. Been reading in the forums and everyone feels very positive about the fact that Steve will follow through and refund all money owed as he had another site before that ended and he did refund all money with that site.

News from Tame-The-Net.
The following changes will be or have been made, and are effective immediately.
Rebates will be paid daily at a minimum of 1% per day
Cash outs can be requested daily.
Cash outs will be paid on a monthly bases (in order of request and processor) starting the 1st of each month, as funds can be transferred to the appropriate processors for payments.
Minimum to cash out will be $10 for both processors.
Each adpack will still expire at 125%.
So what does this mean. Simply that Robert is working to keep this program viable and long lasting is all. So I have to wait a while for my payment as long as he pays and the program lasts I have no problem waiting.