Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok time for an update on Green Smoke. Still adjusting to not just sitting and puffing away until the battery runs out and needs to be recharged. They recommend taking around 12 to 14 puffs as this is the same as an average cigarette so I will need to put it some where so it is not so accessible and try that. It does a excellent job of replacing the cigarettes and tastes real good.

Joined another program yesterday Genius Funds I have not had enough time to fully understand all the different plans offered but you can compound. They have been running since August of last year and have always paid on time and have phone numbers you can call and 24 hour support. It is a real interesting site and there is a lot of reading to be done there to fully understand it all.

Sliver Lodge sent out a update last night reminding everyone That they are going private on April 15th and that any accounts that are not upgraded at that time will be deleted.

Ads Non Stop The payout button is turned on at 12:01am server time so that will be 12:01pm PST And 3:01pm EST.