Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have been reading a lot of blogs the last couple of days and I see a lot of them only promote programs that they have been in for a while. They say that they want to make sure that the programs are paying first before they recommend to others.
Now I can see that view point but on a lot of surf programs you need to get in on the first few days to insure you do get paid. With the way this business is going any more with all the scammers they have been pulling the plug at the first sign of new upgrades slowing down and or they have one program running that is struggling so they start another to feed money into their primary program.
What I try to do is find the most honest programs out there and I will tell you about them on the day they start either through my blog or I will send a alert news letter. I then keep my eye on upgrades and talk to my contacts and at the first sign of struggle I will inform you of it on my blog. That way I am not sending you a lot of news letters all the time cluttering up your in boxes.
Tomorrow I will go through all the programs I am in and update their progress and let you know how well they are doing.

Forum Traffic has started to enforce their TOS and your account will be suspended if any of your sites load real slow or have sound or frame breakers You will have to sign up for their forum and PM the Admin. and he will then get back to you. Looks like he is imposing fines if you break the rules. so read the TOS carefully so you do not have any problems.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn paid me this morning.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surf Reborn is still the best program out there right now for higher ROI. The growth is staying real steady with about $3,000+ in upgrades each day. So things are looking good for at least another round probably more.

Ad-Ventures4U just keeps on running strong. They keep sending out news letters about another record setting day. Steve and Joey are very active and honest with the members. This is very nice to see in this industry.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn last night while I was resting.
Surfing Avenue paid this morning.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obeseverkeer has now went private. I do not know for sure for how long or if it will ever reopen for new members again. I was talking to Fatsumo and his Alert Pay account is locked right now because of people complaining. It always amazes me why people do that. All that happens is the account gets locked and then all payments are stopped.

Surf Reborn is still the hottest program going right now. Deposits are still averaging around $3000 a day. This program is still a safe bet as Steve has it set up to last with the $200 max upgrade per day. If you are not in you might want to do at least 1 round.

The Traffic Factory is back and running after being down for major changes. I personally do not see anything other than now you can not cash out until expiry and you have to have a active upgrade to do so. I would hold back on putting any money in here for right now.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn rebates and some referral commissions
Forum Traffic took a little longer than normal but was still well with in the TOS.
Easy Share Profit SP still keeps paying. Takes a little while but you do get paid.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A word of warning new surf site Yes I Can Surf just started. Hold off as I think this is another site that is ran by a known scammer. It could be a feeder site for another program I have already warned you about or just another way to scam even more money.

Well the surf world is celebrating. At least the ones that got in at the start of Surf Reborn as payments started last night and I received mine real fast. It also looks like most people are playing nicely and reinvesting again.

I am a little concerned with Obeseverkeer as Fatsumo has not been posting on the forums or in that fact communicating much at all. We will just have to wait and see what happens now.

I was paid last night/today from
Surf Reborn Paid me twice last night to different processors.
My Surf For Cash Paid promptly again.
Sliver Lodge paid me again for some referral commissions.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New up date from Silver Mazmua Valt. They have rethought their decision on going private right now. Seems she was doing it to prove a point from some bad posts on a certain forum that has been posting accusations about Emile. She wanted to prove that Silver Mazmua Valt could florish without new money coming in. I feel she made the right decision in keeping it open and following her original plan. So now Silver Mazmua Valt will stay open to the first 500 members and then it will close.

Surf Reborn is still showing great growth averaging over $3,000 per day. This is really amazing when you think about the fact that there is a $200 max investment per day so there is not the big worry of some one hitting this program with a massive amount and then running when it matures.Excitement is building as the payouts start tomorrow.

Get Paid Daily and AP Instant are both on their way out. Remember I told you they were both ran by the same guy. Same scripts and now both having mirror images as far as payment problems. So if you are not in them stay away they are about to close. For you that have money in them I hope you paid attention when I gave my first warning and then you should at least be even money if not in profit.

I received payments last night/today from
Surfing Avenue just keeps on paying.
Sliver Lodge keeps right on paying even with the uncertainties that have been brought up.
Get Paid Daily paid me instantly today while surfing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Paid Daily did not make any instant payments today. I do not know if it was a problem with the program of what as Alert Pay is up.
Just received a mail from Get Paid Daily that said that the problem with the instant payments was fixed and all payments were caught up. He also said something about only surfing 10 sites a day to be paid on expiry. Do not do that surf your 12 credits (24 sites) a day to get your instant payment. He is starting to struggle and is trying to keep the site going by not having to pay out instantly.

Obeseverkeer is still propagating the net. Got a alert from Fatsumo and he has a small mess on his hands with the server change seems that some people that were able to surf were credited twice so he is sorting things out and will get back to us. He has shut off the surf, withdrawl, and upgrade link for right now until he gets thing sorted out.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn received some referral commissions
Genius Funds my first cash out.
Easy Share Profit SP paid me again
Get Paid Daily paid me for today's surfing after I sent in a support ticket.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Surf Reborn is rocking the auto surf world right now. Over $30,000 in deposits in 10 days with a $200 max deposit limit per day. That is real impressive.

Obeseverkeer is still propagating the net but try this to log in. just type in your browser window. leave the https off and see if that woks. I f so then you will have to enter in and then you will be able to surf.

Has been a fairly quite weekend and there has not been a lot of news to report so if some thing does come up I will be back to report it.

Some new news from Silver Mazmua Valt. They will be closing to new sign ups starting Thursday the 28th. So you have until midnight Eastern standard time Wednesday the 27th to join. They will also suspend the 20/80 rule for this first payday on the 5th of June. They will reopen for more sign ups later this year but have set a cap at 500 members.

News from Forum Traffic they are just 15 members away from reaching 4000 members. Klaus the Admin. is going to give a bonus to the 4000th member. So do you feel lucky?

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue very quickly after request.
Surf Reborn received some referral commissions.
Forum Traffic is just amazing how they just keep on going.
Get Paid Daily automatically as I surfed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

First I want to reaffirm what I said yesterday. Do not join Surfers Revolution. I tried to ask some questions of the Admin. and they would not answer them and just skited around them.

Today is the last day for new members at Surf 132. They do not open for new members very often so I have no idea when you will have this chance again.

Obeseverkeer is changing IP addresses and it will take some time to propagate the net so lets have some patience and not bug Fatsumo as he has been very up front and honest on the problems.
Ok you can now get into Obeseverkeer with the new IP change. First you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to log in but it will redirect you to another site. Then you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to surf. If at anytime it redirects you all you have to do is reenter and it will take you right back to the site. Same directions as before just a new IP.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue Gilbert is still doing a great job here.
My Surf For Cash part of the TIME group payed within 2 hours.
Get Paid Daily paid me instantly again.
What a day yesterday with all the DDOS attacks on multiple sites. But they are all back up and running today so hopefully all is well now.

Obeseverkeer is still having the redirect problems so you will need to follow yesterdays instructions again to be able to access to site.

Scam alert do not join Surfers Revolution. I feel that the Admin. Kelis has ran some other sites before and until I find out for sure do not join.

Surf Reborn looks like it survived the attacks from yesterday and is still the hottest program out there. Almost $3000 in upgrades for today alone. Now if that is not a good sign I do not know what is.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue down most of yesterday from the attack but still paid today!
Get Paid Daily received my instant payment today but am still waiting on tomorrows.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Obeseverkeer is having server problems again but you can get on. First you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to log in but it will redirect you to another site. Then you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to surf. If at anytime it redirects you all you have to do is reenter and it will take you right back to the site.

AlertPay is down working on their firewall protection.
AlertPay is now back up and running.
Well new update on AlertPay they are down again until 1 pm their time. You can go here for updates.

I finally was able to join Surf 132. It has been private for a long time. They only open it up for a set amount of new referrals to be able to sustain the growth. They are a member of the TIME management forum which prides themselves on honesty and long term investments. They have 2 plans one pays 1% for 365 days and the other is a 4 year plan you deposit $50 dollars and then the Admin. does all the rest. So if your looking for a new stable and secure investment this might be for you. Well I just found out that they are accepting new members until the 24th. So you have until Sunday to sign up.

I was paid last night/today from
Obeseverkeer even with server issues they still payed me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I forgot to mention another program yesterday that is also running below the radar.

Treckswana is a HYIP that I have been in for about a month now. It has been paying on time and there is no complaints in the forums. It has been a set it and forget it site for me just quietly earning.

Now how about Surf Reborn 6 days and over $23,000 invested so far and growing daily. This has so far been the hottest new surf for 2009. If they keep up this growth they will with out a doubt be the surf of 2009. Now the real amazing thing is that it is growing this fast and only has a $200 upgrade limit per day. So this will keep it going for as long as investors keep playing. One thing you will not have to worry about is the quick hitters pulling a large amount out and killing it quickly.

Ad-Ventures4U is having another great week so far with Tuesday being another record setting day. This program is a must have if you are serious about trying to earn money. They have paid on time every time for over 6 months now and show no signs of slowing down.

I mentioned Get Paid Daily yesterday and said to use caution here. Well with the happenings of yesterday I am now telling you to avoid this program. It is still paying and if you are in it you should be ok but there are way to many red flags to even think about buying anymore upgrades.

Just a small alert Seems that Fatsumo is having problems with a DDOS attack on his site Obeseverkeer so payments are being done but slowly. Do not worry he will get them done it is just taking longer than normal.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue am really enjoying this one and it has now ran for 1 month and now has a new plan that is a no surf plan.
Treckswana just keeps on paying steadily as ever.
Surf Reborn my second payment from the daily program.
Forum Traffic just keeps on paying.
Get Paid Daily also paid me while I was surfing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No soap box today just going to talk about the programs I am in that are kind of running below the radar or in other words not in the line of site of the big hitters.

Forum Traffic Has been paying for over 700 days now. It is a lower ROI site with the highest paying plan at 3.3% for 30 days. I have been in for a while now and started with $30. I compounded for over a month and have started to pull money out now. I am in profit and still have over $100 in active upgrades working for me.

My Surf For Cash is another program that also has not caught the attention of the big boys. Probably because it only offers one plan and that is 1% for 365 days. I have not been in that long but I have with drawn about 40% of my original spend. All payments have been done promptly and support is excellent.

Obeseverkeer is another site that is growing slowly. It has a very interesting pay plan that I covered in a earlier post. If you are interested in reading it go here. I have really enjoyed this site as I am in profit and the bonus has not even started yet. Payments have always been done promptly and support has been excellent.

Surfing Avenue has been a real surprise for a lot of people. It has two plans a 3% daily for 40 days and a 9% daily for 13 days plan. Having run for 30 days now and never has missed a payment. I guess that just goes to show you what a honest Admin. will do for you. All I can say is that Gilbert has done a great job and as far as I can tell he will continue.

Noticed that my cash balance at Easy Share Profit AP is now at zero so daily roi should start showing tomorrow, Remember there is now a 50/50 rule for cash outs.

Use caution with Get Paid Daily. There are a lot of people me included that did not get paid yesterday. I was paid today instantly while surfing but have heard nothing about yesterday. Missing payment from yesterday was just received.

I was paid last night/today from.
My Surf For Cash in less than 1 hour from request.
Obeseverkeer twice for rebates and some referral commissions. Thanks for you that have joined me in this.
Sliver Lodge Paid me again. Even though all you read is not so good they just keep on paying just like they always have. I really hope it just keeps on rocking on as I really do like this program.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have been seeing more and more programs stating that their programs are games instead of claiming that they have a outside income steam to keep them running. I applaud them for finally being honest. See this is a game we are playing. Most of them do not have a outside income stream that will keep them paying out if people quit putting in money. So the game is that you do your research watch for the signs of struggle pay attention to the amounts deposited to watch out for the hit and runners. If you do this you can win most of the time and make a profit at this game. Spend time on the forums and you will start to see who seems to always be in the good programs so watch them.
I would love to tell you just to follow my blog but that would not be the right thing. Follow as many blogs as you can. You will start to see who is winning and who is not and then learn what you can from them. Well that is enough I will step off my soap box now and give you some updates.

Easy Share Profit AP You need to start surfing again. All account balances should be rolled into upgrades and ROI will be started again.

Obeseverkeer Has a 5% bonus plan going. Now normally I would call this a red flag but all the Admin. is trying is to raise ROI as it has been right around 6%. I do not see any problems with this as it is a small bonus plan.

Surf Reborn is still showing steady growth with the $200 max upgrade per day plan this is what was expected. I believe this is the best program going right now so if you were hesitant on upgrading I do not see any signs of problems here.

Sliver Lodge has me real confused right now. First they supposedly met with a group of investors but then there was no posts from any of them. They were supposed to meet with Money news and they have not so far. But they are continuing to pay and that is the best sign for any program.

Use caution with Get Paid Daily I received payment today but there is a lot of people me included that have not received their payments from yesterday.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn My first rebate payment from the daily plan.
Surfing Avenue Paid me again after Alert Pay got their problems fixed.
Obeseverkeer Paid again in less than 1 hour from request.
Ad-Ventures4U Paid me again. Followed the 50/50 rule.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today is the last day to buy ventures at Ad-Ventures4U and still get paid for the week. Pay run starts at midnight eastern time.

Surf Reborn Steve sent out a update and if you did not receive it you can go to the main page on the site and he has a list of approved forums that you can post on. Some forums are real biased and only promote certain programs and will run down other ones.

Looks like Sliver Lodge has a promotion going for the best blog review, best posting in a forum and referral bonus. Do not fully under stand the reason behind it but if your interested you can give it a try.

Easy Share Profit AP All pending pay out requests have been returned to account balances and starting today cash balances will be compounded to upgrades and the ROI will be set at true ROI and all cash outs will now follow a 50/50 rule.

I was paid last night/today from
Obeseverkeer Twice because I did not pay attention and requested payment on Saturday.
Forum Traffic Paid me last night on time as always.
Genius Funds Another instant LR payment.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well Surf Reborn has taken off now. Over $10,000 in upgrades in 2 days and that with a $200 max limit per day. So most of the active members are going in for the max everyday. That should show you the level of trust that Steve has earned so far.

I forgot that Obeseverkeer was not doing payouts on the weekends and surfed and requested cash out like normal and waited...hmm went to the forums and oh that is right. So Monday will be a busy day for Fatsumo.

Just a reminder here. The Traffic Factory is down doing script work so do not be alarmed as this was a planned out process.

I just want to say welcome to the people that have signed up for the new program alert. As promised I have only sent out one alert so far. If you are like me you already get too much mail as it is. If you are interested you can sign up at the top of the right hand column. Or you can click here.

I was paid last night/today from
Surfing Avenue Been running 27 days now and has never missed a pay out.
Get Daily Paid Still paying instantly while you surf.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I need to talk today about a program that has been quietly running along slowly gaining members and the ones that are in it are very happy and have been reinvesting and showing good support. Also the Admin. Gilbert is very responsive and active on the MMG forum. Oh and also he pays fast and has not missed a payment. So if your interested the site is called Surfing Avenue. This program offers 2 plans 1 that is 2% for 40 days and the other is 9% for 13 days. The 40 day plan pays out daily and the 13 day plan pays out at expiration of plan.

A big surprise for me is that Surf Reborn growth so far has been less than I expected. I truthfully thought that this this program would go ballistic. I realize that a lot of people are probably hold back be cause of the performance of the ESP sites lately. Well all I can say is that the ESP sites are profit share programs so if people are not supporting them then what do you expect out of them. I remember when the original ESP program started a lot of people held back and did not get in at first but then they saw the light and started to join. Steve is a honest Admin. that does not hide behind alias like so many others do. He is honest with his members and will tell you the truth be it good or bad. So if you are on the fence on this one you might want to reconsider or you just might regret it later.

Just a small word of caution. US Dozens is just now starting their first round of payouts and if their stats are correct there are some big hitters in this program and we all know what they can do if they decide to pull out. So if you are interested wait for a week and then we will see if they are still going.

I was paid last night/today from.
Obeseverkeer Another day another fast payment.
My Surf For Cash Paid as quickly as usual.
Get Daily Paid As I was surfing.
US Dozens Paid as promised on expiry of ad pack.
Sliver Lodge Paid me again in less than 10 minutes.
Genius Funds Paid me As usual instant if you use LR.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New program just launched Surf Reborn. It is a auto surf site that has 2 different programs 2% for 70 days or 10% for 13 days. They accept all the popular pay processors. This is a must do program as the Admin. is Steve from the ESP sites. Those that signed up for my alert letter got this notification last night minutes after the program launched so this is old news for you. Now I put this site under the low risk programs as it has a $200 max deposit per day limit. This will keep the hit and runners at bay and spread out the money. This program is built for the long haul so get in now and maximize your profits.

Tame-The-Net is offering bonuses for upgrades. Be careful as the last couple of programs that offered this are no longer active.

Gold Nugget Invest Their site is down right now working on it and changing servers so do not be alarmed if you can not access it. Ok now it is up and running.

I was paid last night/today from
Surfing Avenue In less than 15 minutes from request.
Obeseverkeer Also very quickly in less than 30 minutes.
Get Daily Paid While surfing again.
Surf Reborn Paid me quickly on some commissions.
Sliver Lodge Paid me commissions in less than 10 minutes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

If you have not noticed I have started a news letter. You can sign up by using the sign up form on the right. I will only send out alerts for new good programs and or if there is any big breaking news. You will not get spam from me and I promise not to fill your inbox with a bunch of my dribble. That is what I have this blog for.

Received partial payments last night from Adsnonstop. So went to check and it does not look good . When I tried to open the site I got a account suspended page.

Received a update from Steve Admin. of the ESP sites and his new site is going to start in the next couple of days. This will be a must enter program and I will send out a alert as soon as it starts.

I was paid last night/today from
Obeseverkeer In less than 20 minutes from request
Treckswana This program is really performing nicely kind of running under the radar.
Forum Traffic As usual and right on time.
US Dozens Paid me some commissions
Get Daily Paid Paid me once again while surfing
Easy Share Profit SP Paid me from my pending from 5/1

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lets see if I can make sense out of Obeseverkeer pay plan. The plan is a profit share with a twist. They pay 6% to 9% a day depending on profits for the day for 15 days. So in that way it is like a profit share plan the more upgrades the higher the ROI.
Now if ROI is only 6% for the 15 days you will only earn 90% on your investment. Ok here is where the twist comes in. You will receive a 20% bonus on each purchase that will start earning for you on the 16th day and pays from 2% to 20% again depending on profits. Now to keep your bonus active you need to have a active upgrade. You have a 7 day grace period to upgrade or you will then lose your bonus.
Now your bonuses will never expire as long as you stay active your bonuses will keep earning for you. So as you can see there was a lot of thought put into this program. With the bonus plan and the way it works will keep money flowing into the site so it can withstand the problems that plague most new sites. Lack of new funds coming in.
So if you are interested in this program and I did not explain this so you can understand it send in a support ticket and they are more than happy and willing to answer any and all questions.

Emelie the Admin. of Silver Mazmua Valt sent out a new letter last night and they have put in a vacation mode for the members to use so they will not lose out if they go on vacation and can not surf.

Well it looks like Imperial Finances stopped all payments. To bad it was a nice program that had showed a lot of promise.

I was paid last night/today from
Sliver Lodge Rumors aside they are still paying.
Obeseverkeer Paid twice for commissions and surfing.
Surfing Avenue Paid on time as usual.
Get Daily Paid Is definitely good for another round going to reinvest.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is the first day you can upgrade and earn at Obeseverkeer. I upgraded and surfed requested cash out and was paid all in less than 1 hour. Real nice for a new program. Roi is at 9% for today and should stay that way for a few more days.

Today is payday at Ad-Ventures4U just remember that you need to only with draw 50% or you will lose ventures.

Another new surf joined today called Premium Surf Group. It is a auto surf that pays 5% for 25 days. Now the Admin. is real receptive to members input almost to the point of going over board some. Program started out as a 12 x 12 but everyone was saying to hard to maintain so he changed it to its current configuration. The members then started saying he had to drop the minimum cash out amount so he did to $2. So he is very responsive to member input. The one down side of this program is that it does not accept Alert Pay but other than that it is a nice looking site and sign up and surfing went real smoothly.

Imperial Finances is running behind on payments so use caution there for right now.

Update Extreme surfs site is under DDOS attack so that is why if you click on it that it does not load. Should be back up later today.

I was paid last night/today from
Obeseverkeer with in 1 hour of request.
Get Daily Paid twice once for commissions and then while surfing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my investments and the conversation ended up at what programs do we trust the most so I thought I would share a little of it. He has been in this for a long time and he put it in a way that made a lot of sense. Dollar amounts willing to invest. so here are a couple of them.

We both like Ad-Ventures4U and as he put it Steve is not hiding anything and is very honest and he is basically putting his heart and soul into this program to make it a success. So it was put as a $1,000 dollar program. So what does that mean. This program is running strong and still growing steady and also has a big enough reserve to last. For a long time.

Second on the list was Surfing Avenue. Now I realize I have it listed as a high risk program and the reason behind that is that it is still fairly new. But the Admin. is honest and will work to keep this program going. So the amount here was $100 because it is still weak enough that some big hitters could come in and not play nice and shut it down.

Another program I want to discuss is Silver Mazmua Valt. A quick recap of this program is that it is a lower ROI program that has a 20/80 rule for with drawls to help combat big hitters from breaking the program. As always they stated that they have real investments to cover the program and in fact Purplecity went and reviewed what they have going. If you want to see the pictures of what she was shown go to Extreme Surfs and contact them and they will mail you the pictures.

Well it looks like Good Morning Profits ran as he did not follow through with his earlier promises to at least send out a news letter today so for now stay away.

Also a lot of talk going on right now about Sliver Lodge. I can not find out if it is true or just talk but the are supposed to meet with Paul from Money News Online on the 15th and go over all investments. There is a small red flag showing here. It does not look good when a program goes private and then reopens in a short time. That is all I am going to say about this as I have had nothing but good experiences with them and will wait and see what happens on the 15th.

Well as luck goes I just had to say something about 10 Dollars Wonder and then not one of my positions cycled last week. So I would use caution here.

New program that just came out called Obseverkeer. It is a manual surf that pays from 6% to 9% per day for 15 days with cash out possible everyday. They also have a 20% matching bonus that pays from 2% to 25% per day starting on the 16th day. The bonus packs never expire as long as you have active investments going. There is a 7 day grace period if you do go inactive. Now that is what I would call a real head spinner of a plan but it is designed with the thought of longevity and if you play this right there is the possibilities of very good returns here. You can sign up now but are not able to upgrade until tomorrow. I have put them in the high risk for right now as it is a new program. But I do believe they will be moved to low risk shortly.

I was paid last night/today from
Get Daily Paid Instant payment last night on commissions.
Surfing Avenue Paid me last night 2 hours after request.
Sliver LodgePpaid me commissions on time as usual.
My Surf For Cash Paid quickly as usual.
Forum Traffic Paid on time as usual.
Get Daily Paid Paid instantly while surfing..
US Dozens Paid referral commission almost instantly

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Right now probably the best program running right now is Ad-Ventures4U. There is tons of support and the Admin. Steve sends loads of updates. You can sign up and upgrade and you still make the same percentage of ROI as the members that have been in the program from day one.

US Dozens is showing steady growth and if things keep going the way they are this program is starting to look like a diamond in the rough. Roger the Admin. is on the MMG forum and is very helpful and willing to answer questions.

Well Extreme Surfs received this Email from Spencer from Good Morning Profits.

Greetings Austin,

I'm just using a PC in an internet cafe. I have no internet connection yet. My provider said there are lots of damaged cable posts so it will take sometime for them to fix it.. I can't risk paying using a public computer. I'm afraid there are keyloggers installed in here. I'll do something so I can pay the pending requests. I'll travel tomorrow to go to my brother's house, 300kms away from me.

I'll send a news email to all once I get there.

Spencer Alegre
"Smell the freshness of earnings..."
So I would suggest to be cautious here until payments resume.

Received payments last night/today from
Get Daily Paid So that now makes 7 days in a row!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

All of the ESP sites did not upgrade ROI last night. Don't know for sure what is up there but am checking into it.

Do not have a whole lot of other news at this time but will update you if something does come up.

I see from reading in the forums that Tame-The-Net has made some payments yesterday so it looks like Robert survived the typhoon.

Still no word from Good Morning Profits yet. I guess we are still in a holding pattern on this one.

Programs that paid last night/today
My Surf For Cash As steady as ever.
Surfing Avenue My first payment here.
Get Daily Paid Still paying instantly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Am a little concerned with Easy Share Profit SP. I did the 75/25 rule and my payment has beem pending for 4 days now. So you might want to hold off on that one for now.

news from Easy Share Profit STP seems that all balances will be rolled back into the program on Saturday to try and increase ROI. This is another program I would cautious with for right now.

Still have not heard anything from Spencer at Good Morning Profits. Probably still having issues from the typhoon.

Also have not heard from Robert at Tame-The-Net so lets hope all is fine with him also.

Got paid last night/today from..
Forum Traffic This is starting to become every ones favorite program.
Get Daily Paid Paid instantly again. Just might have to reinvest some here.
Imperial Finances Received with in 2 hours of request.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Robert from Tame-The-Net has sent out numerous mails about a typhoon about to hit the Phillipines. He is fore warning us that they will probably be without power so the site will be down for a while.

Just was reading on the MMG forum and Spencer from Good Morning Profits is also based out of the Phillpines and is enjoying the typhoon also. So I would believe that payments will be delayed due to that problem. So do not panic and start to run down the program. If you are curious about the storm you can track it here.

Also looks like My Surf For Cash is having some problems with their server also. I was finally able to surf last night but it took awhile to be able to get in. Don't know for sure where their server is but it could also be because of this storm.

Today at Ad-Ventures4U is referral payday. so If you have referrals be sure and check it out. This program just keeps amazing me at the amount of growth that keeps happening. Steve is talking about having to change servers again to keep up with the demand. If you are not in this program you might want to take a good look at it.

Also remember that Sliver Lodge is open to new members that need to upgrade. They are closing the program again when they reach 5000 active members.

Thursday pays outs that I recieved last night/today are.
Genius Funds
Get Daily Paid

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sliver Lodge is open to 400 new investors so if you want in you need to invest as soon as you join. They are in the process or deleting inactive accounts right now. I also received payment from them last night as well.

Ad-Ventures4U the cash out button is on so you can use it. Remember to only cash out half or you will lose ventures.

Just added a monitor to my blog on the side bar. Extreme Surfs is ran by Austin and Joe who have been in this business for along time now and are highly respected. They are also on Twitter and Skype and are more than happy to answer any questions.

Broke down and joined Surfing Avenue today. Was told by more than one person that he is a honest Admin. and will run it as long as it is viable to do so and will not just close up shop and disappear. But even with the glowing reviews I am still treating it as a high risk investment. They offer 2 plans one is 3% fo 40 days with cash out daily and the other is 9% for 13 days with cash out at expire of plan.

Wednesday pay day is great also. I received payments last night/today from.
Good Morning Profit Surprised right..Just like clock work.
Get Paid Daily again while I was surfing.
Sliver Lodge I know I put it above but it belongs down here also.
Ad-Ventures4U paid me today shortly after requesting it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just joined a new auto surf named US Dozen. It pays 11% for 11 days with payout done automatically on the 12th day that you log in. This is the first day so now is the time to join.

Today at 7 pm eastern time is the start for investing at Silver Mazmua Valt. Now if you do get in on this you will need to have the long term attitude. Cash outs once a month and then you are only able to request 80% max at a time. So please remember that.

Steve and Joey from Ad-Ventures4U are at their family reunion so the pay run will be delayed some so do not get worried if the cash out button does not show today.

Paydays on Tuesdays are also fun. I received payments last night/today from
Get Paid Daily paid me last night and also today while I was surfing. Quite a surprise.
Good Morning Profit paid me in less than 1 hour from request.
Tame-The-Net paid me on one of my requests from last month. And just received my second request from another pay processor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First let's talk about Silver Mazmua Valt. They will start on the 5th as planned and all investments will be automatic. Now here was something I had not seen or heard but on withdrawls there is a 80/20 rule. This means you will have to invest 80% to withdrawl 20% so if you have $100 you will have to invest $80 and then withdrawl $20. They will have a reinvest from your balance so that will make it easy to do. I realize they have put this in place to protect themselves from hit and runners but 80/20 seems a little steep to me.

Well been doing a little research on Silver Mazmua Valt and she had it wrong on her update. It is a 20/80 rule so it is the opposite of what I said earlier. Also cashouts are only once per month with a 3% processor fee. So that does make it a little more attactive to me now.

Today is the last day of the pay run at Ad-Ventures4U. So if you have surfed all week you can invest today and get paid for the whole week. You have until midnight eastern time to do so.

Forum Traffic has came out with a new plan since the anniversary special is over. Here is a listing of all the plans offered.
ForumTraffic Standard: 1.7% daily for 90 days - daily cashout possible
ForumTraffic Quick: 3.3% for 36 days - daily cashout possible
ForumTraffic No Surf Plan: 2.4% for 60 days - cashout after expiration

Paydays on Mondays you have got to love them. I recieved payments last night/today from.
Forum Traffic
My Surf For Cash
Good Morning Profit
Get Paid Daily

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Get Paid Daily is having site issues and most people can not log in me included. But I was still credited with surfing and paid on time.

Update: Now able to log in and surf.

Good Morning Profit also paid me again just as advertised so both of these programs are doing good for now.

Silver Mazmua Valt was down most of yesterday working on the script but is now up and running. You can invest here now but you will not be able to start earning until the 5th.

10 Dollars Wonder I have not talked much about this one lately but they have a new program goin that for every 2 new positions you buy you receive a 3rd auction position and they will cycle faster than the high priority positions. Also if you do not log into your account for 10 days 50% of your cash balance will automatically be reinvested. Now I did not buy any new positions but my old one have been cycling faster so it looks like a good decision by the Admin.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have been paid twice now by Get Paid Daily. Kind of fun surf and then they pay you. No requesting payouts and it does help to be able to get your seed money back quickly. Lets hope they are able to keep running for awhile.

Got my first payment last night from Good Morning Profit. Now they will pay you daily but you need at least $3 minimum to cash out. So lets hope the same holds true for this site also.

Forum Traffic has extended the Anniversary special to Sunday so if you want the 3.9% for 30 days you have until then to get in. Also I do not believe I mentioned this but you can only cash out 2 times a week in this program.

Another reminder about Silver Mazmua Valt. New program taking sign ups now but can not invest in until the 5th. They will accept sign ups until they reach 500 and then they are closing to new sign ups for a while. This program will pay 2% for 365 days.

Have been hearing a few rumors about ESP-AP but nothing to report on as for now they are just rumors.

Just got paid from Easy Share Profit STP.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Joined 2 new high ROI surfs today.

First is Good Morning Profit This is a auto surf site that pays 12% for 11 days. The Admin has been very up front about the fact that it is 60% ponzi and 40% investments. He also stated that he will implement new rules shortly that will slow down the hit and runners that kill so many of these programs. You can cash out daily with a minimum of $3.

The other program I joined was Get Paid Daily. That does just as promised and pays you daily automatically. It is a 12% for 12 day auto surf program. Now if you join this program it takes about 4 hours for them to update your account and pay you so don't panic when you make your purchase and it does not show immediately. I also was paid in 4 hours.

Please remember both of these sites are high risk so do not invest more than you can afford to lose!
Ads Non Stop today is the last day for the 5% matching bonus and also got a update from the Adim. that all pending payments are caught up at this time. Just a little reminder here they have 2 plans here a surf and no surf plan and they both pay 4% per day.

Another new program I just joined is Silver Mazmua Valt. They are a surf program that pays 2% for 365 days. You can sign up now but can not upgrade until the 5th. They are accepting 500 sign ups and then are closing for a while to get all the bugs worked out. There is a lot of information on the site so if your interested read all of it before you sign up.

Update on Ads Non Stop. They will start bi-weekly withdrawls next week and also there was thi explanation on when they will go private.
We have paid members $4300+ already and we have active upgrades
amounting to $12400+. We have lent $9800 at the moment and the
demand is still growing, tomorrow there are 8 borrowers again
so our offline venture is really doing well and the balance of
funds is doing good as well. As soon as we reach 200 active
members or deposits amounting to $30k-$50k then we would close
our membership as it will make our program sustainable enough.
You may ask how, well the more funds we have the greater % we
can earn in a month as some of our borrowers are paying in just
2 weeks or some in 3 weeks making our funds available again for
new borrowers making the % of earnings doubled in a shorter
period of time.We have paid members $4300+ already and we have
active upgrades amounting to $12400+. We have lent $9800 at the
moment and the demand is still growing, tomorrow there are 8
borrowers again so our offline venture is really doing well and
the balance of funds is doing good as well. As soon as we reach
200 active members or deposits amounting to $30k-$50k then we
would close our membership as it will make our program
sustainable enough. You may ask how, well the more funds we have
the greater % we can earn in a month as some of our borrowers
are paying in just 2 weeks or some in 3 weeks making our funds
available again for new borrowers making the % of earnings
doubled in a shorter period of time.