Monday, May 25, 2009

Surf Reborn is rocking the auto surf world right now. Over $30,000 in deposits in 10 days with a $200 max deposit limit per day. That is real impressive.

Obeseverkeer is still propagating the net but try this to log in. just type in your browser window. leave the https off and see if that woks. I f so then you will have to enter in and then you will be able to surf.

Has been a fairly quite weekend and there has not been a lot of news to report so if some thing does come up I will be back to report it.

Some new news from Silver Mazmua Valt. They will be closing to new sign ups starting Thursday the 28th. So you have until midnight Eastern standard time Wednesday the 27th to join. They will also suspend the 20/80 rule for this first payday on the 5th of June. They will reopen for more sign ups later this year but have set a cap at 500 members.

News from Forum Traffic they are just 15 members away from reaching 4000 members. Klaus the Admin. is going to give a bonus to the 4000th member. So do you feel lucky?

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue very quickly after request.
Surf Reborn received some referral commissions.
Forum Traffic is just amazing how they just keep on going.
Get Paid Daily automatically as I surfed.