Thursday, May 21, 2009

I forgot to mention another program yesterday that is also running below the radar.

Treckswana is a HYIP that I have been in for about a month now. It has been paying on time and there is no complaints in the forums. It has been a set it and forget it site for me just quietly earning.

Now how about Surf Reborn 6 days and over $23,000 invested so far and growing daily. This has so far been the hottest new surf for 2009. If they keep up this growth they will with out a doubt be the surf of 2009. Now the real amazing thing is that it is growing this fast and only has a $200 upgrade limit per day. So this will keep it going for as long as investors keep playing. One thing you will not have to worry about is the quick hitters pulling a large amount out and killing it quickly.

Ad-Ventures4U is having another great week so far with Tuesday being another record setting day. This program is a must have if you are serious about trying to earn money. They have paid on time every time for over 6 months now and show no signs of slowing down.

I mentioned Get Paid Daily yesterday and said to use caution here. Well with the happenings of yesterday I am now telling you to avoid this program. It is still paying and if you are in it you should be ok but there are way to many red flags to even think about buying anymore upgrades.

Just a small alert Seems that Fatsumo is having problems with a DDOS attack on his site Obeseverkeer so payments are being done but slowly. Do not worry he will get them done it is just taking longer than normal.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue am really enjoying this one and it has now ran for 1 month and now has a new plan that is a no surf plan.
Treckswana just keeps on paying steadily as ever.
Surf Reborn my second payment from the daily program.
Forum Traffic just keeps on paying.
Get Paid Daily also paid me while I was surfing.