Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sliver Lodge is open to 400 new investors so if you want in you need to invest as soon as you join. They are in the process or deleting inactive accounts right now. I also received payment from them last night as well.

Ad-Ventures4U the cash out button is on so you can use it. Remember to only cash out half or you will lose ventures.

Just added a monitor to my blog on the side bar. Extreme Surfs is ran by Austin and Joe who have been in this business for along time now and are highly respected. They are also on Twitter and Skype and are more than happy to answer any questions.

Broke down and joined Surfing Avenue today. Was told by more than one person that he is a honest Admin. and will run it as long as it is viable to do so and will not just close up shop and disappear. But even with the glowing reviews I am still treating it as a high risk investment. They offer 2 plans one is 3% fo 40 days with cash out daily and the other is 9% for 13 days with cash out at expire of plan.

Wednesday pay day is great also. I received payments last night/today from.
Good Morning Profit Surprised right..Just like clock work.
Get Paid Daily again while I was surfing.
Sliver Lodge I know I put it above but it belongs down here also.
Ad-Ventures4U paid me today shortly after requesting it.