Saturday, May 16, 2009

I need to talk today about a program that has been quietly running along slowly gaining members and the ones that are in it are very happy and have been reinvesting and showing good support. Also the Admin. Gilbert is very responsive and active on the MMG forum. Oh and also he pays fast and has not missed a payment. So if your interested the site is called Surfing Avenue. This program offers 2 plans 1 that is 2% for 40 days and the other is 9% for 13 days. The 40 day plan pays out daily and the 13 day plan pays out at expiration of plan.

A big surprise for me is that Surf Reborn growth so far has been less than I expected. I truthfully thought that this this program would go ballistic. I realize that a lot of people are probably hold back be cause of the performance of the ESP sites lately. Well all I can say is that the ESP sites are profit share programs so if people are not supporting them then what do you expect out of them. I remember when the original ESP program started a lot of people held back and did not get in at first but then they saw the light and started to join. Steve is a honest Admin. that does not hide behind alias like so many others do. He is honest with his members and will tell you the truth be it good or bad. So if you are on the fence on this one you might want to reconsider or you just might regret it later.

Just a small word of caution. US Dozens is just now starting their first round of payouts and if their stats are correct there are some big hitters in this program and we all know what they can do if they decide to pull out. So if you are interested wait for a week and then we will see if they are still going.

I was paid last night/today from.
Obeseverkeer Another day another fast payment.
My Surf For Cash Paid as quickly as usual.
Get Daily Paid As I was surfing.
US Dozens Paid as promised on expiry of ad pack.
Sliver Lodge Paid me again in less than 10 minutes.
Genius Funds Paid me As usual instant if you use LR.