Friday, May 15, 2009

New program just launched Surf Reborn. It is a auto surf site that has 2 different programs 2% for 70 days or 10% for 13 days. They accept all the popular pay processors. This is a must do program as the Admin. is Steve from the ESP sites. Those that signed up for my alert letter got this notification last night minutes after the program launched so this is old news for you. Now I put this site under the low risk programs as it has a $200 max deposit per day limit. This will keep the hit and runners at bay and spread out the money. This program is built for the long haul so get in now and maximize your profits.

Tame-The-Net is offering bonuses for upgrades. Be careful as the last couple of programs that offered this are no longer active.

Gold Nugget Invest Their site is down right now working on it and changing servers so do not be alarmed if you can not access it. Ok now it is up and running.

I was paid last night/today from
Surfing Avenue In less than 15 minutes from request.
Obeseverkeer Also very quickly in less than 30 minutes.
Get Daily Paid While surfing again.
Surf Reborn Paid me quickly on some commissions.
Sliver Lodge Paid me commissions in less than 10 minutes.