Monday, November 30, 2009

Cloud Share has finally opened it is real confusing when you get inside and I have not spent the time yet to figure it all out.

Ad Traffic Explosion sent out a update and they will not be paying any rebates until the first of the year. They are working on outside investments so they can start paying again so I am on a wait and see time there.

I am going to caution you again about this time of year. Be extra careful on what you join it is the scamming season. Best advice I have heard came from Mordk on the MMG forum. If you invest in a new site right now just plan on not getting your money back.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joined a new program today called AdsXtreme. They have 2 plans a 12 X 12 paid upon expiry and a 12 x 10 paid daily. They accept all the popular Processors except for STP. It is the same script as the ladies from PAC use so it is a manual surf that requires you to surf 10 sites a day.

New Surf Age had another 20% week so I believe that makes it 8 in a row. Must be some kind of record for Rev share sites as most are not able to stay at this level for this long. Gilbert is showing how good of a Admin. he is.

Today is the last day for this week to buy pips in My Market Shares and still get rebate for the week as long as you have been surfing. Have not had any hints to the ROI for this week yet.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Well Rollover-Ads hit the 1% mark today. I was suspecting it to happen and was not really surprised by it at all.

Been watching the stats at Surf-O-Matic and I see more people have been upgrading in this one. It has been running under the radar but that is fine Randy has done a great job with it and I expect it to last for a long time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You would think the world had stopped spinning from what I have heard about Rollover-Ads. The ROI dropped to 9% yesterday for the first time. Well in my book 9% is still 4.5% per day and that hands down beats any return you will get from ant of the other Rev Shares out there. Richard has paid me on time every time and he is a very active Admin. so he deserves our support.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well 2 new programs in less than 1 hour. Has me concerned. One is a 12 x12 and we all know the problems associated with them. The other one has daily payments and it also shows the last 10 investors and one of them has dropped a very large amount in.
Remember this is the prime time for scammers they come out of the wood work this time of the year. Got to have money for Christmas you know.
So please be very careful. I know nothing about these Admins. so I am going to pass on these for right now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things are still rolling along great with Rollover-Ads. Still posting 10% days and payments are made real quick.

Heard a little rumor on Google MLM Cash. They might have a problem with using the name Google as they are very particular on how their name is used. Worst case is that they will have to change the name. I am very happy with them so far and have earned 28% on my investment so far.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So what has been going on the last couple of days? Not a whole lot have been cashing out on Rollover-Ads and Rich has been paying real fast too.

I have been getting a lot of spam on a new site called Google MLM Cash. I looked it over and decided to go ahead and do a test spend. It works off of Google adwords and it is kind of fun to watch your earnings as they update it each hour. So far today I have earned 9% so that is not bad. they only use Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay for processors and the minimum ROI is supposedly 7%. Do not be worried about the MLM part as all that concerns is that they pay referral commissions down 3 levels. It is a HYIP type program and totally passive type income.

Other than that I have not really heard of anything good starting some rumors but that is about it for right now.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I usually stay out of MLM programs like they are the plague but my friend Pete has a new twist to add to one so go and visit his blog and see what you think. And if you are wondering no recruiting and it is free! I like free!

My Market Shares posted another 5% roi week and remember only those that are not in profit can request cash outs all others must roll over earnings.

I am still rolling my profits over in Rollover-Ads. Things have showed no signs of slowing down here and I will probably keep doing this until there are signs of slowing down

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still rolling over all profits in Rollover-Ads. Will keep doing this for a while longer just need to keep An eye on the daily ROI and when it starts dropping then I will start to pull some funds out.

It was another 20% week at New Surf Age. Just rolled all profits there this week. Gilbert has done a good job keeping the ROI up and I would not be surprised if it started to drop here real shortly.

Margaret at My Market Shares said everyone just might be surprised by the return this week. I think she has been doing a great job and even is looking out for the little guy is a plus in my book.

Just received a up date from FX Euro. They will be going private in one week. The plan from the very beginning was not to get to big. They wanted a smaller program to begin with and they are reaching their limit. So if you have been interested now would be the time to join before it goes private.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok this is not my normal type of post but I wanted to share this with you now.

Watch all this video and then really think about what it has to say and the message it is sending to you.

And then if you are interested in what is coming out that will help you and me to improve this just send me a email to and tomorrow I will send you a link with more information about this at that time.

So go HERE and be prepared for an eye opening experience.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Well Rollover-Ads has had a great start and I have been paid twice real quick already for referral commissions. The rebate today was 10% and I am sure that will stay that way for a while. I rolled all my earnings and will continue to for a while. But let me remind you that now is the time to join when it is new and you are able to get in on the max rebates.

Got a update from New Surf Age today. Gilbert said that they are real close to another 20% week so that looks great also.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well the program I hinted at has finally launched. Rollover-Ads is a daily revenue share the requires you to do a 50/50 to cash out. They will pay a daily rebate of 10% to 1% and you then have the option to cash out half of roll it daily. They also accept all the popular pay processors.
I have a feeling that this one could be big so you might want to take a look and see.
A little word of warning the server time is way off. Time must be for the moon or something like that because it can not be for the earth. Just remember that when you are wondering when your rebates will be posted.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I have been doing some research on a site most of you have heard about and have all seen on the surf sites. I was waiting for them to open up another weekly package so I could invest in it and while checking it I read every page on the site and had a idea hit me.
Most of us and that does include me are always looking for the high ROI quick buck sites. We jump in and gamble that it will be around long enough for us to make our quick buck and then we wait for the next opportunity to come along and we jump on it. I have been lucky this year and have won a lot more than I lost.
Well I was reading on this site and almost all of the plans are 3 year terms. No early with draw no payments for 3 years. Well to be honest with you that was why I had never invested in it to begin with. But then I had this thought come to me. What if I was to invest $10 a month in 3 years time I would have $360 in it but if it does last I would then be looking at $10,000 a month income.
I am like most of you and will drop $10 dollars on something useless at the drop of a hat heck what is that 2 fancy coffees at a coffee shop? So if you have not figured out what site I am talking about yet it is WBwso. Go and look at it and read all of the different pages and then think about what I have just talked about. Is it worth $10 a month??? I am taking that gamble!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Market Shares posted a 5% return for last week. Not bad especially when I see the lack of support being given in the forums. Margaret is working hard to try and do the best for us.

Gold Nugget Invest is now moving to the new script so if you try to log in or sign up you might not be able to access the page. Do not worry as it might take a couple of days for this to happen.

A quick update on Winning Surf Team. Seems like Adam pulled a newbie move and forgot to turn his Alert Pay account off of test mode. So if you upgraded with AP you need to check your upgrade history and see if it says test. If so you then need to manually send the money to and Adam will then fix your account.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it just me or has it just became real slow? I do know of a couple of good programs that will be starting here shortly but until then it is just a waiting game. Do not worry I will notify you as soon as I know.

Today is the last day to but more pips and still get paid for the week at My Market Shares. I have no idea what the return will be this week but I am sure Margaret will be fair with us.

Well here is one of the new programs I was talking about earlier.

Winning Surf Team is the newest program From Adam Silva. He also has the HYIP Delta Trust Group.
Adam has proved he is a honest Admin. by the way that he handled Adsdelta so he has my trust and backing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and Safe Halloween.

I need to bring up couple of programs that I do not talk much about but I have been in them longer than any other so far.

Genius Funds is a low ROI HYIP that has investments in mainly the Forex area and has been performing great and running with out a problem so I just never seem to bring it up. They do have a compounding feature that is nice and if you cash out to Liberty Reserve it is automatic.

The other program is Gold Nugget Invest. They invest or should I say bet on arbitrage betting. The short explanation is that they find places that they can place bets where no matter what the out come they make money. It must be working as they have been online now for over 1 year and except for some hackers they have had no problems yet. They have been talking about going private but first they have plans of a new web site so if your interested there is still time to join.