Thursday, November 5, 2009

I have been doing some research on a site most of you have heard about and have all seen on the surf sites. I was waiting for them to open up another weekly package so I could invest in it and while checking it I read every page on the site and had a idea hit me.
Most of us and that does include me are always looking for the high ROI quick buck sites. We jump in and gamble that it will be around long enough for us to make our quick buck and then we wait for the next opportunity to come along and we jump on it. I have been lucky this year and have won a lot more than I lost.
Well I was reading on this site and almost all of the plans are 3 year terms. No early with draw no payments for 3 years. Well to be honest with you that was why I had never invested in it to begin with. But then I had this thought come to me. What if I was to invest $10 a month in 3 years time I would have $360 in it but if it does last I would then be looking at $10,000 a month income.
I am like most of you and will drop $10 dollars on something useless at the drop of a hat heck what is that 2 fancy coffees at a coffee shop? So if you have not figured out what site I am talking about yet it is WBwso. Go and look at it and read all of the different pages and then think about what I have just talked about. Is it worth $10 a month??? I am taking that gamble!