Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and Safe Halloween.

I need to bring up couple of programs that I do not talk much about but I have been in them longer than any other so far.

Genius Funds is a low ROI HYIP that has investments in mainly the Forex area and has been performing great and running with out a problem so I just never seem to bring it up. They do have a compounding feature that is nice and if you cash out to Liberty Reserve it is automatic.

The other program is Gold Nugget Invest. They invest or should I say bet on arbitrage betting. The short explanation is that they find places that they can place bets where no matter what the out come they make money. It must be working as they have been online now for over 1 year and except for some hackers they have had no problems yet. They have been talking about going private but first they have plans of a new web site so if your interested there is still time to join.