Monday, May 4, 2009

First let's talk about Silver Mazmua Valt. They will start on the 5th as planned and all investments will be automatic. Now here was something I had not seen or heard but on withdrawls there is a 80/20 rule. This means you will have to invest 80% to withdrawl 20% so if you have $100 you will have to invest $80 and then withdrawl $20. They will have a reinvest from your balance so that will make it easy to do. I realize they have put this in place to protect themselves from hit and runners but 80/20 seems a little steep to me.

Well been doing a little research on Silver Mazmua Valt and she had it wrong on her update. It is a 20/80 rule so it is the opposite of what I said earlier. Also cashouts are only once per month with a 3% processor fee. So that does make it a little more attactive to me now.

Today is the last day of the pay run at Ad-Ventures4U. So if you have surfed all week you can invest today and get paid for the whole week. You have until midnight eastern time to do so.

Forum Traffic has came out with a new plan since the anniversary special is over. Here is a listing of all the plans offered.
ForumTraffic Standard: 1.7% daily for 90 days - daily cashout possible
ForumTraffic Quick: 3.3% for 36 days - daily cashout possible
ForumTraffic No Surf Plan: 2.4% for 60 days - cashout after expiration

Paydays on Mondays you have got to love them. I recieved payments last night/today from.
Forum Traffic
My Surf For Cash
Good Morning Profit
Get Paid Daily