Friday, May 22, 2009

Obeseverkeer is having server problems again but you can get on. First you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to log in but it will redirect you to another site. Then you need to enter in your browser and you will then be able to surf. If at anytime it redirects you all you have to do is reenter and it will take you right back to the site.

AlertPay is down working on their firewall protection.
AlertPay is now back up and running.
Well new update on AlertPay they are down again until 1 pm their time. You can go here for updates.

I finally was able to join Surf 132. It has been private for a long time. They only open it up for a set amount of new referrals to be able to sustain the growth. They are a member of the TIME management forum which prides themselves on honesty and long term investments. They have 2 plans one pays 1% for 365 days and the other is a 4 year plan you deposit $50 dollars and then the Admin. does all the rest. So if your looking for a new stable and secure investment this might be for you. Well I just found out that they are accepting new members until the 24th. So you have until Sunday to sign up.

I was paid last night/today from
Obeseverkeer even with server issues they still payed me.