Monday, June 1, 2009

Ok lets do a quick review of the sites I am in. I will just start at the top and work my way down.

Easy Share Profit AP at one time was a great program but due to some problems has now became a very slow site with a ROI of under 1% per day so I do not recommend anyone to join this site at this time.

Easy Share Profit SP is the only one of the ESP sites that is paying very well. It is a guaranteed 3% ROI per day but you need to follow the 50/50 rule to cash out. Yes it is still paying but I would not recommend it either at this time.

Easy Share Profit STP is at the same point as the Alert Pay site so I also would not recommend it. After today I am taking all of the ESP links down as I do recommend them.

Forum Traffic is still performing great as a low ROI site. Their highest ROI plan is 3.3% for 30 days and cash outs are always done real quickly. But be aware that they follow their TOS so be sure and read them.

My Surf For Cash Pays 1% ROI per day for 365 days. So it does take awhile to get your seed money out but you then get 265% profit on each spend. They are part of the TIME management group and are set to run for a long time.

Surf Reborn has been running for 15 days now and the investments still keep coming in. At 9% for 13 days it falls in as a high ROI site so caution does need to be used here. But at the rate that new funds are coming in it is still safe for right now.

Ad-Ventures4U is the most successful profit share program in the industry. They have been paying 14% ROI per week since start up and show no signs of slowing down. They also have a 50/50 rule for cash outs. You can cash out 100% but you will lose ventures if you do.

Silver Mazmua Valt is another lower ROI site paying 2% per day. They will go private when they reach 500 members. They are at less then 200 at this time but I do believe that after the first payday on the 5th that number will grow real fast.

Surfing Avenue is the little engine that could. They have been running for over 30 days now and are still growing nice and steady. Their highest plan pays 9% for 13 days so for a high ROI site this is real nice to see. Even though it has been running for so long I still believe it to be safe at this time.

Tame-The-Net is another profit share program that started out with good ROI and has now tapered off to under 1% ROI per day. Pay outs start today for the second month so hold off for right now and lets see what happens after that.

The Traffic Factory has been running now for 110 days and paying. Members all seem to be real happy with it. Plans run from 4% to 6% depending on how much you deposit. All plans run for 30 days and pay out on expiry. You also need to have at least $20 in upgrades to be able to cash out.

Genius Funds has two plans. One pays 1% to 1.9 % per day and the other pays 6% to 9% per week. They have been running since 2008 and have never missed a payout. You are able to invest here with any of their approved pay processors but can cash out with Liberty Reserve at any time if you want it instantly.

Gold Nugget Invest has been running for over 2 years now. Their highest ROI is 6% per week and they have also always paid quickly and on time. The main reason I invested here was that your investment never expires. It will earn as long as you leave it in there.

Treckswana is another program that is just showing nice and steady growth. They offer 3 plans a 1.5% per day a 15% weekly and a 30% bi-weekly program. I have never seen anything bad said about them in the forums and they have always paid quickly and on time.

Sliver Lodge is still open for new members. I really do not know what to say about this program. I have read so much about it and how the Admin. is a scammer and that he never did show up for a interview. All I can say is that they have never missed a payment to me and if anything they have paid even quicker as time has went by.

The other programs I am in are private at this time so I really can not say anything about them. If they do open for new members I will send out a alert mail to let you know.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surfing Avenue in less than 30 minutes from request.
My Surf For Cash paid me as quickly as ever.
Surf Reborn paid me again last night.