Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have been noticing something that has been bothering me. I know you have always heard about supporting the programs your in. Well support is more than just putting money in. You need to post payments in the forums.
People will see that and be encouraged to join in on the fun. I am seeing good programs ran by honest Admin. going down just because there is no support now. When they first started there was all kinds of activity on the threads and they were always at the top of the forums and people were noticing that and joining. A lot of people start out posting everyday that they had just surfed or upgraded again and payments received and as time goes by they just end up only posting I got paid. All the excitement has slowed down and it shows in the performance of the program.
The real bad part is that when the program fails because there was no support you will see people come out everywhere to bash the Admin. saying all kinds of things but where were they when they were making money and things were good?
I have been doing some research on the forums and there are many people that the only posts they make are bad never any good. So if you are in a program that is ran honestly help it out and post your payments. Let people see the fun we are having there.

Just a quick note on a couple of programs to stay away from. SkyerSurf and Daily Trust Pay are both ran by know scammers that have had multiple programs and are one of the main reasons the auto surf industry is how it is right now. We need to stay together and not support them and maybe then this business will get back to the way it used to be.

Ok just got this update from Forum Traffic. Seems like they are making some changes so you need to surf tomorrow as soon as possible and then request cash out if you are over $2. They will be shutting down for awhile reworking the program and then relaunch. Go here for the full update as it was in German and this is translated.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn Still going strong.
My Surf For Cash paid quickly again.
Sliver Lodge paid me again real quickly.