Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surf Reborn is still showing real steady growth still averaging over $3,000 in upgrades per day. This is proving to still be one of the best programs out there at this time.

Well as I saw it stated in the forums if you do not know what street or road you are on you definitely need to be on the avenue. Surfing Avenue has stood the test of time and still keeps growing and paying and this one also should also be in your surf program.

Ans while we are talking about honest surf programs we can not miss Goddess Ads steady as a rock and still running after all this time. Troy has also proved to be a honest Admin. also.

I know I keep pushing these programs but with the way everything is going with programs scamming after only paying one round or not even paying then why not go with administrators that have shown that they are here to stay and will not run with your money.

I was paid last night/today from.
Surf Reborn some more referral commissions.