Thursday, June 4, 2009

First for today Silver Mazmua Valt has the cash out button turned on until midnight today server time. So if you have money to cash out do it quickly.

Surf Reborn is racing towards the $70,000 mark in upgrades in only 20 days of running. What a accomplishment that is with a $200 max upgrade per day rule. This is looking like the surf program of the year.

Speaking of accomplishments Surfing Avenue Has been running for 45 days now and still going strong. With a higher ROI program that is defiantly a record setter so far for 2009. Just goes to show you what a honest hard working Admin. will do for you.

I would not recommend that you join Europeansurfers. I believe it is the new site for the old Admin. from US Dozens that did not even make 2 rounds. There are just too many red flags to consider joining.

I was paid last night/today from.
Easy Share Profit SP very quickly last night.
Treckswana paid me as quickly as ever.
Sliver Lodge just keeps on paying as quickly as ever.
Silver Mazmua Valt the first of many I hope!