Monday, June 8, 2009

I always talk about red flags when it comes to programs new and old and have had some questions about them.
First of all red flags are my way of saying warnings or something to be aware of. I get a lot of then from the forums especially when a new program comes out. So what do I look for? It is really pretty simple.
First look at who is posting about the program. Are they people that have a lot of posts of are they new people. If you see a lot of newer people posting and or just to or three of them be aware. They are usually one of two things. Paid posters of even the Admin who has set up multiple user names and is just basically talking to themselves trying to keep the thread at the top of the forum.
Second look at the older members posts they have been around and they will start asking questions that will tip you off on if they believe it is a honest program or a scammer. And then sometimes they will take all doubt out of your mind and just start screaming scammer!
Now every once in a while you will run into a program like Investimates. This program was just started by a Admin. that just closed another program that did not even pay two rounds but his paid posters and cheer leaders kept pumping him up about that he had closed honorably by admitting it and not just running.
So if you go to the thread on it you will see both bad and good posts by the old members. And then when you go to his site you will see the numbers raising real fast. Beware here because if you go to his old sites thread you will see that the old members pumping his new program all lost money with his old one. They are planning a hit and run on this program to try and make their money back.
So do your research read as many blogs as you can do not always follow the crowd. Tomorrow I will talk some about what to watch for when you are in a program.

I was paid last night/today from.
Sliver Lodge Louise just keeps on paying.
Surf Reborn Steves newest program is still the hottest surf.