Sunday, March 1, 2009

Collective Investments Forum network needs to sell ASAP so if you know anyone interested please contact Alina at This is for everything the Forum, the Exchange, and the Hosting service. Fully staffed.

Now on to investment news
Easy Profit Share- StricitPay has started to show it's age and only had a 3% ROI yesterday but that was expected so do not worry. It will go up and down as that is the way the program is designed.
Easy Profit Share- AlertPay
Easy Profit Share- Liberty Reserve
Easy Profit Share- SolidTrustPay
All did 10% ROI for yesterday and should do it again today.
Easy Share Profit is back up and you are able to surf again so do not forget it.

Ok just joined 4X Cash Back it has 4 different investment opportunities but will close to new members at midnight today but they do offer a free 30 days do if you are interested join now before they become private again.