Monday, March 30, 2009

I did a little research about my rant yesterday and found out that the individual that upset me is a supposedly highly respected person when it comes to investing in HYIPS and auto surfs and has hundreds of people getting his investment updates from his mailer. Upon further research I noticed a pattern to his investment recommendations. They all paid out a high referral commission. So what does that tell you? He is only in it for the commissions he does not care if anyone can make money on a program or not. He makes all his money from commissions.

Ok now that I have said that why am I doing this. Well it is not for the commissions because I never look at that ever. I'm doing this so maybe some people will follow me and together we can make a program strong enough to last for a longer time so we can each have a chance to make some money.

So lets go through all the programs that I am investing in at this time and have a little up date.

10 Dollars Wonder Has to be the longest running cycler in history but has slowed down and while I do have it listed I would probably not recommend it right now. There is still rumors of the 10 cent club starting but am not holding my breath for it.

Ad-Ventures4U Is still running strong with another record week. Steve is a very active admin. with allot of communication daily. They are starting a gold buying site and pay processors to help with revenue.

ESP sites are for the most part doing as expected. The Alert Pay site is the strongest with returns sometime raising above 1%. The Strict Pay site is a little bit disappointing as it rarely even makes the 1% and usually pays true ROI.

Forum Traffic Is a new old surf site for me as it has been running for over 2 years now. It is a long term low ROI program but does have a 3.9% daily for 30 days promotion going right now and that is what I am in.

Gold Nugget Invest Is another long term low ROI investment. But what I really liked about it was that any money you invest stays earning until you take it out. You do have to leave it in for 30 days but I personally plan on leaving it.

Ievolutionsurf Is the only high ROI program that I am in right now. It has just started and is still showing good growth so if that continues I will reinvest for at least 1 more round.

Tame-The-Net Is another revenue share plan that has just started. They have a 100% matching bonus going right now for all investments. This will be ending in a couple of days so now is the time to get in if your interested.

4X Cash Back Is a rock solid HYIP that is currently closed to new members. It is another long term investment plan and when it opens again I will let you know.

Sliver Lodge Is another HYIP that falls more into the middle risk catagory. Pays a little higher ROI but all investments are for longer terms. You can cash out your returns weekly and they have always paid real fast. Support is excellent with very quick response. They also will be going private on April 15th so if you are interested get signed up before then.

Pay outs for today
Sliver Lodge Paid again requested last night and was paid this morning!
Investevolution paid me today so they are still paying but I do not believe I will reinvest again at this time.