Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just a small comment for today.

Why is it that when ever a site is down the first thing you see in the forums is scammer? Let the admin. have a chance to fix things before you start jumping up and down and start screaming. The ESP sites are down right now and all you see is a few people degrading the program. If you are one of these people stop. What sense does it make to run down a program that you have investments in? Was also reading where this supposedly big time investor was knocking them because ROI was so low..Hello it is a profit sharing program what do you expect!

Ok 2 comments for today.

If you are in a program that closes and the Admin. is promising refunds do not contact your pay processors and complain. How is that going to help anything? So you did not get all your money back. You could of lost it all! And all that happens is that then the pay processor closes the account and then no one else gets any money.

Ok rant over. Sorry but stupidity upsets me.

ESP sites are back up and running so go surf if you have not done so yet.