Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I made some cash out requests yesterday and Sliver Lodge paid in less than 2 hours. Also had some problems so sent in a support ticket and it also was handled in less than 2 hours. This really impresses me as so many times you get no or little support.

Today is pay day at Ad-Ventures4U so if you have $5 or more you can cash out other wise just do nothing and let your money roll over into more ventures.

Quick update on Investevolution the site is down right now due to hosting issues in Panama so don't worry. Also the new surf has started but is also down for the same reasons at this time.

Here it is Ievolutionsurf pays 14% over 10 days. The Admin. stayed up until it was back online to insure everything was ok. So if your wanting to join a high ROI surf with an admin. that seems to be honest and hard working do it now while it is still early.