Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yesterday was a land mark for me. First comments. Great keep them up. Ask questions make your points I do not take them bad they are all part of the learning experience for me and you. And I thought I might have 1 reader at most but yesterday I know that at least 2 people read my post.

Now for some Business news.

First and probably most important. Easy Share Profit AP, Easy Share Profit LR, and Easy Share Profit STP have started a 50/50 rule today. This means that before you can request a cash out 50% has to be reinvested.

Easy Share Profit SP is having a 4% bonus match for all new upgrades but there is a small catch.
A 25/75 rule that means to cash out you will need to upgrade 75% of your cash out. Also all you can only cash out once per week and the big one is that all current upgrades over 100% will be expired.

What this will do is increase ROI as more purchases are being made on a consistent basis. I'm not going to try to read anything into this but do believe it will help return ROI to a more consistent level.

Tame-The-Net is still showing good growth with their 100% matching bonus. Today is the last day to take advantage of this so if you have not upgraded you should do it by midnight today.

Ad-Ventures4U has also started a 50/50 rule today. You can cash out 100% but you will lose ventures when you do so keep that in mind as today is payday.

Received pay out today from Easy Share Profit AP that will be the last one without the new 50/50 rule.