Friday, March 6, 2009

Ad-Ventures4U Is running real strong and pushing for 10,000 people by April. Here is a reveiw of how this program works, It was done by Gord of Gords home Biz Updates. only takes $10 to upgrade and earn from profit sharing
with Ad-Ventures4U. This will give you 10 Ventures at a buck
a piece. Ventures are the same as Adpacks in any other surf

There is no cash value of your purchase in your backoffice...
only Ventures. Ventures have a cashout value of $2 or double
what you paid for them.

Payday is every Tuesday...and the ROI is consistent at 2% a day
or around 14% (14% the last three weeks). You get paid for
7 days of the previous week.

Lets go with an example of 100 Ventures in your backoffice...
on payday (Tuesday) you will receive a "return" of 14% of the
number of Ventures you presently hold...totalling...$14.

Now... Ventures expire with every $2 you get paid. So...$14 / 2 =7
Hate to say it, but you lost 7 Ventures and you have 93 Ventures

If you roll up your earnings on Wednesday (automatic) you gain
14 Ventures and your total will be 107 Ventures of which you
will be paid 14% of again on the following Tuesday.

If you cash out you can purchase more Ventures right up until
Monday midnight of the following week to be counted for Tuesday's
payday. It sounds a bit complicated but the system works.

Programs like this need a constant inflow of funds to work to keep
that daily 2% ROI coming in and Steve, the Admin of AV4U has the
right formula to do that. Steve's program has passed the 7000 member
mark and his goal is 10,000...with upgraded members buying weekly
the profit sharing pool of money should stay topped up.

All we have to do to earn money here is surf 25 sites a day on the
manual surf exchange and advertise your!

All the ESP programs are still going strong only down side is that with so many people involved they are needing to upgrade to new servers so surfing is real slow. Also the Admin. sent out a nasty email the other day from the original ESP program about postings in forums about the program.My comments on this are that he created the monster by starting all the other programs with out a complete plan on the original program and should expect it.