Thursday, March 26, 2009

First news for today. Looks like the servers are down in Panama again as Ievolutionsurf and some other sites that were down the other day are down again. Have not received any word yet but will update when I do.

No other news at this time. The ESP sites are plugging along nothing real spectacular there but still up running and most importantly paying.

Just joined and upgraded at Gold Nugget Invest. I have seen this around for a long time so decided to investigate it more. First off it accepts LR, SP, STP, and a few others but not AP don't know why but does not. Now after looking it over what sold me was that the program has been running since October of 2006 and still going with no complaints that I could see. Upon further research your deposit stays running for ever. You can with drawl it after 30 days but it never expires. So that sold me and I'm in for a test spend.

Ok the Ievolutionsurf is back up never did hear what the problem was so if you have not surfed yet you can now.

Tame-The-Net has been making some noise lately so I joined it. It is another profit share model and until March 31 they have a matching bonus going for purchases. So you get a 100% match right off the top. They have been in the 5 to 6 percent range the last couple of days but this will slow down as more people join. I also should say that when you view the adds you have to rate them before you can go to the next add. Hope they don't keep track because you see the same adds and I could not remember what I had voted the first time.