Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If you missed it yesterday Ievolutionsurf is up and running now. Membership has doulbed since I was finally able to sign up last night so people are still getting in. To let you know again it is a 10 day 14% program.

Got another pay out from Sliver Lodge. I an amazed at the response from this site. always have payed out fast and real quick response to problems.

Also received another pay out from Easy Share Profit AP. And got a update from them this morning that ROI is already at 2% for the day.

Been reading around the net and all you see is how every program is a scam or the admin. can not be trusted. So ok I can go with that but when I read that anyone promoting a program with a blog is in it with them that upsets me. I am in no way shape or form tied in with any of the programs I promote. I am just trying to make a buck and these are the programs that I have chosen. You can choose to join me or not up to you. Ok rant over..sorry but I do feel better.