Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok now I was reading in the forums yesterday and have to say this after reading about a person that got into a program at the start and it ran for 3 years and they lost money. Remember 99% of these are scams and will eventually end so get your seed money out as fast as you can and then gamble with the profits. Don't let greed get the better of you. This particular post I was reading the person had over 100 thousand in the program when it closed. this program paid 1% per day so they were making $1,000 a day but they just kept compounding. No program has yet proved to last for ever just remember that. The admin. will say how great things are one day and stop paying that same day been there seen that. Ok enough said will have some updates later.

Does not seem to be a whole lot going on yet today.

Did get a mail from Investevolution and his surf site should be up and running hopefully tomorrow.

Looks like tomorrow I will be requesting some payouts and I will keep you informed on those.

I was rereading some old emails and when I had reported that Sliver Lodge was going private I was mistaken. They are going private but not until 3/28 so you have a few more days to sign up. The reason they are doing it is to many free accounts so the next step will probably be to delete inactive accounts so you might want to upgrade.