Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old new news for today
Aggero Investments is closed to any new purchases due to financial problems and probably will shut down operations tomorrow. Roger has promised refunds of all new investments but has warned that it will take some time.

Now the good news..all of the new ESP spin offs did 10% return again yesterday! So if your not in them here is the links again.
Easy Profit Share- AlertPay
Easy Profit Share- StricitPay
Easy Profit Share- Liberty Reserve
Easy Profit Share- SolidTrustPay
These are one of the best out there for right now.

Adventure4U is still going strong and also looks like a good long term investment. Very active Admin. which I personally like to see.

I have been getting allot of emails sent to me about difficulties with Liberty Reserve so don't know for sure if that should be taken as a warning sign or not will monitor and see.