Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So lets start with some news.

ESP is going to have ecurrency specific sites in the near future. I believe this will increase earnings across the board at first until there is more deposits. So if you have extra money laying around in your ecurrencies you might want to put it to work in these.
Well since were talking about ESP they are still doing their audit and hopefully will be back up and running today.

ESPSP had another 10% ROI yesterday and is currently sitting at 5%. This site is surprising me I thought that ROI would have started dropping by now. Not complaining here just pleasantly surprised.

AdVentures4u is now up and running! Yesterday was also a free surf day. Payouts are posted and I'm really impressed with the communication that we have been receiving. Steve is really working hard to keep this program running with the best of the best.

Well I could not help myself and joined another program yesterday. It is still very new but has been paying regularly. If you want to look it over or join click here. Word of warning it is not a high ROI but it should stay around for awhile and be a safe long term investment but don't invest the moon here start small and let's see how things progress.

All the other programs are performing as expected with no news so I won't bore you with them today.

As you might of noticed I added Team Orange Moon to my Biz. Ops. now don't get excited it is a passive income option. You do not need to sponsor people to earn here. They are building on the team principal with members reinvesting to help the others cycle through. Check out all the info and be sure and join the forum and you will see what I mean.