Friday, February 27, 2009

Now yesterday was kinda exciting with all the new ESP Flavors opening and we were not disappointed with all of them having a 10% ROI! So if you have not got in yet here is the links again.
Easy Profit Share- AlertPay
Easy Profit Share- StricitPay
Easy Profit Share- Liberty Reserve
Easy Profit Share- SolidTrustPay
Get in now and join the fun!

I wanted to share with you a small part of a update we received from Adventures4u
We are built on honesty and integrity and we want everyone to succeed. Even if you are the very last person to join you make the exact same as the first person that joins as long as you surf your 25 sites that day. So let's make a goal of telling 10 people each and see what happens, I would like to make it to 10,000 members soon because once we make it there the site takes on a life of its own and we are on the track of bringing in some big advertisers.

Important message From Aeggro Investments read below
I have some important announcement to make. I apologize if this
is how we are going to celebrate our sixth month anniversary,
but it has to be said. I've been honest with all of you at all
times, which is what you expect from me. Now I will be brutally
honest with you that Aggero Investment might not make it past
March 1st. I am deeply saddened to inform everyone that due
to many circumstances that's been happening the previous days,
AI is in it's last 'limping' leg.