Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have to start the day out with the big launch of Easy Profit Shares Flavors.
Easy Profit Share- AlertPay
Easy Profit Share- StricitPay
Easy Profit Share- Liberty Reserve
Easy Profit Share- SolidTrustPay
Along with those the old ESP site will run separately for now. So If you want to earn 10% on your investment for a while get in these new programs now while they are new!

ESPSP Had another 10% ROI again for yesterday very impressive!

Aggero Investments keeps growing and this is a good sign. Over 8100 members now and I believe that this new influx of cash will help to keep it alive. Signs are good that people are putting their trust in the administrator.

Adventures4u has the profits posted for earnings. And remember next Tuesday is Profit Sharing payday and $10 is all that is needed to participate with the eventual return of 200%.