Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well ESPSP did it again. Another 10% ROI still probably the best thing out there as far as your money being secure.

New news from ESP if you have a account with the check it and see if the balance is correct and if it is not put in a support ticket. We need to get this up and running again.
The ladies At PAC are going to invest what they have left in some high return investment in hopes of starting PAC back up.

With that said will Aggero Investments be able to stay up and running? Roger has been a very active and honest operator to date. He has sent out a update stating that Aggero's funds were not tied in with PAC and they are secure. I'm sure that this program will be put to the test in the next 10 days as allot of money will be pulled out in this time. So beware for now. If it makes it through the next 15 days then it will prove how strong of a program it is.

AdVentures4U Seems to have their site problems worked out for now and every thing is running smoothly there again. I'm still impressed with the support given here. Lots of updates and that's a good thing to see