Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy Share Profits SP had another 10% ROI for yesterday and is currently sitting at 4% for today so should make another 10% for today. If your not in this one you need to be ASAP before ROI drops to what their sister site Easy Share Profits does, A steady 1% to occasionally a 3% return.

AdVentures4u was down yesterday but don't worry as Sunday was declared a free surf day. They are currently up and running on a temporary server but news is that they will be on a Quad4 server this week.

Ok have Silver Lodge listed as a investment op. But just testing the ground there. Allot of people are getting into this one right now and they had some problems in the past so be careful with this one.

Not much to report on 10dollar Wonder just keeps plugging away. Has slowed down some but keeps on earning.

Residual Forex Income has celebrated 6 months online and just keeps on getting stronger. Pays a steady 1.22% to me 5 days a week. There are higher returns if you invest bigger amounts.

Well news just came out that Premium Ads Club has closed sorry to those that lost money in it.

Here are some words of wisdom from my friend John. Please read and try to follow these warning signs.

Here are the signs to watch out for with HYIPs (and can be applied to some scam SURFs), events usually proceed in the following manner
  1. The Admin announces that suddenly they are experiencing a DDOS attack and/or
  2. The Admin adds new plans (because he needs more money coming in before he runs), especially plans in the upper stratosphere to get the BIG bucks in with a large daily ROI (I've seen this over and over and over) and/or
  3. The Admin creates new promotions in order to get more money in (you know, prizes and such).
  4. For some odd reason payments stay long in PENDING status, more than what is usual in the past, or rules are changed from say from 24 hrs to pay to 2-3 business days or to even 7 to 9 business days. Red flags!
  5. Admin pays out selectively. Small payments. To monitors and bloggers to keep them happy and unsuspecting.
  6. There is a server crash or payments stop and Admin is gone! Folks in forums complain, specutate, bitch, to no avail. Detractors are fed upon with a frenzy... and in time folks start to wake up to the fact that ... Admin is gone, site is gone, they have lost.
  7. Finally the various forums like MMG, CIF, ASA, move that thread to the scam/closed area.
  8. Admin opens a new HYIP or SURF, and the cycle begins again. So there you go!