Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was an up and down day for the HYIP industry.

First it was the first payouts for PAC for All and they went good except for STP. Seems like they are still having problems with their site and mass pay was not working so lets hope things work out today.

I heard and then read on the forums about Investimates closing down. Over 1 million in investments showing on the stats and it ran for over 77 days. So I guess you could say that it was ran fairly. I never had joined it so I did not know that you could reinvest from your balance so the 1 Mill. was some what inflated.

Forum Traffic has relaunched as a profit share. It has a cap of 7% per day so it could be a nice investment. The old investments are being transferred to the new program in small installments to help the program. This way you will see some return at the first instead of surfing for nothing.

I was paid from.
PAC Revenue Share
PAC for All