Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been rather quite lately which can be a good sign.

Looks like there was a couple of small hiccups with pay outs at Ad-Ventures4U. Seems that people forgot the 50/50 rule and asked for all their money and then started to raise a fuss. And then some were just rolled over and not paid. Other than that I had no problems requesting or receiving my payout.

Well it finally happened. PAC Revenue Share ROI dropped below the 9% mark. Was at 8.95% yesterday. I have been real surprised that it had not dropped before this and it is to be expected with a profit share.

I mentioned before that I had joined Spladder. Well returns there have been at the 12% per day so far. They are really working hard to keep the members happy and working with them. I really like the Admin. Tai he has my type of attitude.

I was paid from.
PAC Revenue Share
Wind Fall Hits
My Surf For Cash