Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow what a morning wake up to a bomb dropped by Adventures4U. Looks like the revenue share is history. Payments will be made to those not in profit and also the earnings from the gold site will continue to pay until all people are paid back. Now this all hinges on that people do not file disputes with the Pay Processors as all that will do is lock up the accounts and then no one receives any money.
Ok after a confusing days of updates from Steve it looks like he is closing to new members only. So that is what he meant by it not being a revenue share program any more. Payments will be made from earnings from the gold site and will go out to the members not in profit first.

Paid Like That had a great first day people just love those paid instant sites. If there are no big hit and runners here I can see this one lasting for a while. But do follow the 50/50 rule to help insure your success.

Received a update from PAC for All they are at almost $270,000 in deposits and growing steadily. Also remember that today is cash out day so you can get paid on Saturday.

I was paid from.
Paid Like That
Goddess Ads
PAC for All