Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today is the last day to get in on the $5 minimum upgrade in PAC Revenue Share. This program has been staying at the 9% return since launch and has shown no signs of slowing down yet. Remember if you are going to join that there will be a quarterly fee starting to remain active but it starts at I believe $25 for 3 months. Also I would like to remind you that after today the minimum first purchase goes up to $50 so now is the time if you have been waiting.

Ad-Ventures4U will do their first pay run tonight at midnight since the new script was installed. It is just like any other pay run and you have until midnight EST to upgrade and be paid if you have been surfing.

I had joined Pay It Forward Traffic when it had first started and had never supported it but went ahead and invested yesterday. It was the first of the Ad-Ventures4U clones and also has shown good returns. Tony the Admin. works weel with his members also. You only have to surf 50 sites a week here be it all in one day or spread it out through the week so that is nice.

I was paid from.
PAC Revenue Share
15 Ads Daily